BHO’S FULL OF BS: Obama Says, ‘Only 2% of Syrian Refugees Are Fighting Age Men’

Obama is lying right through his teeth about the Syrian refugees to Americans. So here are the facts.

The U.S. State Department says more than half of the refugees coming from Syria are women and children. I will come back to that in a moment. Even though we’re all saying these are Syrian “refugees”, only 52 percent of them are even from Syria.

You first must understand that over 70 percent of the people we want to take in believe in and accept Sharia Law. They believe terrorism is warranted in many cases. Yep, this is the norm for them. In fact, in that part of the world, accepting Sharia is not considered a radical concept. In the United States however, killing people for leaving a religion may seem a bit radical. Don’t you think?

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Through all the talk of us being afraid to take in women and children, but significantly more than half of these refugees are males between 18-25 years of age. Where are the pictures of the three-year-old orphans? Wouldn’t you as a compassionate American want to take in three-year-old orphans? Mr. President…where are they? Send us the orphans. We’ll gladly take them.

Obama, (as well as Time Magazine) keeps saying only two percent of the refugees are males of combat age. However the United Nations is saying that 62 percent of the refugees transiting through Europe are men and only 22 percent are children. Now square that with Barack Obama saying over half the refugees coming are children. Even if you use Common Core Math standards this just does not compute.

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