BIG GOVERNMENT AND RADICAL ISLAM: They’re Both Enemies To Your Traditional Family

Written by Kenn Daily on November 20, 2015

Meet Flo. 
Flo is the airhead character seen in Progressive Insurance commercials. 
The commercials not only pitch the company’s insurance products, but also sell an anti-family, far-left world view. Specifically, Flo was recently featured ridiculing the 1950’s housewife.
Flo’s misogynistic attack on generations of women who provided the infrastructure for our culture may seem inexcusable to rational people. 
The predatory left, however, is not rational. The far-left prefers big-government globalism. 
• Why does globalism hate traditional families?
There are at least four reasons.
First, family members tend to be loyal to each other before they will be loyal to governments. That arrangement cannot be tolerated by totalitarianism.
Consequently, big-government globalism will attempt to destroy its primary enemy, the traditional family. Progressive’s ridicule of the traditional homemaker is part of the attack. 
Second, the traditional family has proven to be the most effective and efficient social construct in existence.
Traditional families in which the father-husband is primary provider and the mother-wife is the primary homemaker render big government moot.
When the father-husband provides for his family, there is no need for government assistance such as food stamps, Section-8 housing, Obama phones, student loans, etc.
Third, the father who effectively and affectionately disciplines his children will render the juvenile justice system practically pointless. Compassionate fathers who “police” their children are creating tomorrow’s productive citizens. That will greatly decrease the nation’s burgeoning prison population and leave government police officers with little to do beyond directing traffic. 
When the mother-wife cares for her household and educates her children, government intrusion into family life is rarely needed.
Fourth, traditional families prohibit the government from indoctrinating children with cult-like concepts of globalism and Marxism. 
The traditional family is, therefore, the anti-thesis of big-government globalism.
No wonder Flo and the pseudo-feminist movement are adamant in ridiculing the traditional housewife. 
• While pseudo-feminism attacks traditional Western family values, it embraces traditional Islamic family values in which women are nothing more than slaves and consigned to roles of submission that are anathema to Western culture. Pseudo-feminism and Islam may seem to be philosophically divergent. In reality they maintain a common objective: To undermine Western culture. 
While pseudo-feminists pretend to care about “women’s issues,” they almost never object to women being raped by Muslim males.
While pseudo-feminists ramble endlessly about white-male dominance, they seldom speak out against Islamic abasement of women.
While pseudo-feminists claim to be oppressed when taxpayers decline to provide free contraception, they are almost never heard complaining about Islam’s prohibition on prophylactics.
While pseudo-feminists aggressively attack “the 1950’s  housewife” with venom that can only be described as abject misogyny, they rarely can be heard complaining about arranged marriages — often involving child brides — and the brutal conditions suffered by Islamic slave-wives.
We patiently await an upcoming Progressive Insurance commercial that features Flo in a burqa pitching the values of women being possessed and dominated by Islamic males. 
After all; who needs insurance more than terrorists?

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