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BIG GOVT SUCKS: They’re Now Coming After What You Drink EVERYDAY

by Ian Bayne
Clash Daily Contributor

When I was 10 years old I asked my mother, “If cigarettes are so bad for you, why doesn’t the government make them illegal?”
I never got my answer from her but I came up with my own: government getting more money from people. It always comes down to that doesn’t it?
Tobacco taxes, federal tobacco police and regulators, Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement propping up government agencies and non-profits, the ability of do-gooder communists-in-training to learn how to harass elected officials for their own pointless cash-cow make-believe “issue” by learning from the “don’t smoke” crowd, all these things would be lost if we lost cigarettes.
But we still might. So it was just a matter of time before government found a new “cigarette” to use in order to justify the confiscation of money and freedom: soft drinks.
I think Mayor Bloomberg of New York led the way with his ban on large soda cups.
In May 2014 the DailyHealthPost wrote a story about Coke being bad. Coke is unhealthy. Coke isn’t good for you. Who ever thought Coke was good for you? Who drinks Coke for nutritional value?
Then came all the Youtube videos about “bad things that happen with Coke” like if you leave it on your windshield, put food in cups of Coke, and, more recently, dunking iPhones in Coke.
But about 2 weeks ago I noticed something new: Coke is being singled out in public and treated like Phillip Morris.
On Tuesday, the University of Colorado’s medical school gave back a $1 million donation from Coke.
And the day after, some money guy went and attacked Warren Buffet for investing in Coke.
One person at the recent symposium at the Museum of American Finance even said Coke is worse than pharmaceutical companies! I mean… we can at least all agree that the world be a much better place without medicine, right?
It’s obvious that government needs another “master settlement” against a U.S. company they can demonize, thieve their money, and empower another generation of do-good future totalitarians, but why Coke?
Coca-Cola’s revenue for 2014 was $45 billion.
Hostess only brought in $2.5 billion, so who cares about them, but PepsiCo pulled in over $60 billion and much more than Coca-Cola.
PepsiCo donated $1 million to the Human Rights Campaign and “Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays,” and their food product, and more recently issued a rainbow flag “gay” bag of Doritos.
President Obama likes to tell the public that companies have to “learn to play by the rules” or else they’ll pay the price.
Companies that refuse to pay the toll to Democrat/establishment interests, and have enough money for government to be interested in, will be a target for government.
That’s the lesson of Coke. That’s possibly why your Coke will be taxed, regulated, and demonized.
The only question is: would cigarette companies be propping up bad government had Phillip Morris crawled into bed with the Democrat party? We will never know.

Is America headed for a recession?


Ian Bayne editIan Bayne is a former Republican consultant, talk show host, and small business owner.

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