#BlackLivesMatter Fool Tries to Disrupt Trump Rally…But Has ANOTHER THING Coming

You’re going to LOVE how Trump reacted to this #BlackLivesMatter protestor that tried to disrupt his rally.

A Black Lives Matter protester was thrown to ground and kicked by supporters at a Donald Trump rally on Sunday as the Republican presidential candidate shouted: ‘Get the hell out of here!’

Video taken at the speech in Birmingham, Alabama, shows the black man shouting ‘black lives matter’ as Trump was speaking about how he would turn away Syrian refugees.

A mob of white Trump supporters are seen wrestling the demonstrator to the ground, throwing punches and kicking him as he struggles to escape their clutches.

In the background, Trump can be heard yelling, ‘get the hell out of here’ shortly before his security move in and drag the man out of the hall.

The billionaire could also be heard shouting ‘throw him out’ as he tried to continue with his speech in front of 3,000 people this afternoon.

The melee is believed to have started after the man took off his sweater to reveal a ‘Black Lives Matter’ shirt.

Footage taken by a CNN reporter shows the protester being thrown to the ground and kicked as some supporters appear to try to break up the scuffle.

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Here are some videos from the incident:



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