BRUSSELS UNDER LOCKDOWN: Muslims Have Ruined This Once Great City, Police WARN Residents To …

This is what happens when Europe swings their doors wide open to a mess migration of Muslims.

Belgian police and soldiers have carried out raids in central Brussels tonight, evacuating hotels and restaurants and warning residents to stay away from windows.

The police operation is believed to have occurred around the Rue de Midi and the city’s main square, the Grand Place, tonight.

Early reports from the area said residents were told to stay away from their windows, while others were escorted out of nearby restaurants.

Local media reported guests at the Radisson Blu hotel and Hotel Windsor Grande Place had been told to stay indoors, while soldiers were photographed at the buildings.

Police confirmed there was ‘various operations’ underway in Brussels due to ‘terrorist threat’. They also requested a ‘radio silence’ on social media of details of the operations.

Davide Patteri, an Italian living in Brussels, tweeted: ‘Eating out, police just shut the whole street and now no-one can get out of the restaurant.

‘Was just escorted out of a restaurant [on] rue du midi. Area shut – police op probably going on now.’

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