CAMPUS WITCH HUNT: Look At The DISGUSTING Way A Conservative Prof Gets Hounded

Written by Rob Morse on November 11, 2015

Men are different from women.  Children do better when they are raised by their married father and mother.  Are you shocked to read that without first being given a trigger warning and a safe zone?  Welcome to the learned fragility of California academia.
These established facts about the family fly in the face of the academic and political orthodoxy at the University of California Northridge.  Saying them outloud at an assembly with students present made the university administration very uncomfortable.  It frightened the politicians in Sacramento even more.  Of course the university administration fought back to punish any academics who support those ideas.  Professor Robert Lopez is their latest victim.  I want you to come to his defense.
Professor Lopez held a conference called Bonds that Matter, sponsored by the International Children’s Rights Institute.  The conference was held at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California.  Some of Professor Lopez’s students received class credit for attending the conference.
The conference offered some provocative ideas that questioned the real world success of the liberal culture so infused into California state schools. Presenters at the Conference discussed the modern family, the culture of divorce, ethics of third-party reproduction, and issues with adoption.   It wasn’t a red-meat shouting match, but it should have provided food for thought for eager students. For most students, it probably did.
However, one student filed a formal complaint. Three other students filed “informal” complaints, whatever that means.  Professor Lopez was charged with creating a hostile work environment since the conference questioned the liberal orthodoxy.  The charge of a hostile work environment was disproved and dismissed.  The school administration then drummed up a charge that Dr. Lopez “retaliated” against the students who complained. These later charges were only revealed in the same meeting where Professor Lopez was charged.
This is a political witch hunt to the core.  The aging hippies in academia resent having a conservative viewpoint on campus.  So do the aging hippies who are their political masters in Sacramento.  The orthodoxy allowed on campus today is a blind obedience to the sexual irresponsibility of the 1960s, and it must not be questioned.  Conservatives should say absolutely nothing around anyone.  Certainly don’t say anything to make the rich and politically powerful feel guilty about their sexual misconduct.  That is the modern “diversity” allowed on a government-school campus, even if the conference is held off campus.
I want you to do two things in response.
First, sign this petition in defense of Professor Lopez.
Second, ask yourself if California is really the state where you should live, work, shop, send your children to school, or pay taxes.


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