CARSON LEADING IN THE POLLS: Is A Bunch Of Horse Crap – Here’s Why

Written by ++++Allen on November 1, 2015

Of course the media has been exuberantly blasting for the last several days that Dr. Ben Carson is leading Trump in an Iowa poll.

In the first place, when I heard that disturbing news, I has shocked, since I respond to every poll online or in my emails and every time, not once has Carson led Trump, not even close.

Today there now exists a second poll being shouted from the rooftops by the Goliath media – just in case you didn’t hear them the first time about the first Iowa poll, because what good is mind manipulation if you don’t listen — the newest one was conducted at a Monmouth University in Iowa, it is showing Dr. Ben with 32% and The Don with a mere 18% … Well, I don’t believe that crap-o-la sandwich for a minute.

Oh, here is another media rooftop shout-out, according to a new CBS News/New York Times national poll released Tuesday, Ben Carson leads Trump 26 percent to 22 percent among likely Republican voters.

Granted, many Republicans are sheeple and will buy into this Tom Foolery of a smoke-and-mirrors game and believe the media hype and change-over to following Carson, which is troublesome. Today is also getting their hands dirty perpetuating the lie. Their headline read, “Texas Poll has Carson leading Trump”; no-way. Then (along with that article) had an online poll (that I took) where the results showed Trump leading Carson by almost 100,000 votes. Whom do they think they’re fooling? I un-subscribed.

carson pollI like to think the majority of those who vote Republican/conservative have more fire in their bellies than to vote for someone like Dr. Ben who barely speaks above a whisper. He is way too meek for the job of running the greatest country on planet earth (next to Israel, that is.) I think the RINOs and Democrats would love to see the likes of a Ben Carson in office; they perceive him as someone easy to push around. Thank God, weak is nothing Donald Trump would ever be labeled as being.

I say this article’s poll picture (courtesy of Eagle, shown here, reflects a true unadulterated Republican/conservative poll, which also shows another favorite of mine, Ted Cruz, being at 27% also clearly well above Carson.

Dick Morris, in a commentary, said it best: “Carson cannot win against Hillary, in a debate she will eat him alive.” Well said, Dick. “Carson even admitted he doesn’t know the difference between a deficit and debt,” Dick continues. Also, Carson said that after 9-11 he “would not have made a military move in the Middle East.” Think about that for a moment.

Carson also repeatedly said (in the 2nd Republican debate) in most situations that he was asked about, that he would create an “exploratory panel” to see what should be done. Oh really, so when we are being attacked his first move is to create a panel; way to go with the decision making, Chiefy! We could be blown to smithereens before your panel meets.

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