France Is On LOCK DOWN After Muslim Attacks, The Last Time This Happened Was…

Published on November 13, 2015


France hasn’t declared a curfew since the second World War – but that has changed no thanks to Muslim terrorists.

French President Francois Hollande said a state of emergency would be declared across France and national borders shut following a spate of attacks in Paris on Friday evening in which he said dozens were killed and several wounded.

“It is horror,” Hollande said in a brief statement on television, adding that a cabinet meeting had been called.

“A state of emergency will be declared,” he said. “The second measure will be the closure of national borders,” he added.

“We must ensure that no one comes in to commit any act whatsoever, and at the same time make sure that those who have committed these crimes should be arrested if they try to leave the country,” he added.

Shortly after the speech, Hollande’s office announced that he was canceling his participation at the G20 meeting in Turkey this weekend.

A mandatory curfew was instituted in Paris, the first since 1944, according to the Associated Press.

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