France Is Ready To CRUSH Terrorists After Bloodbath, But Obama…Not So Much

Written by Wes Walker on November 14, 2015

Unless you’ve been under a rock, by now you’ve heard about the bloodbath in Paris.

Attacks at seven different locations, including suicide bombers in a stadium, gunfire at a cafe, and a mass slaughter at a concert have resulted in the French borders being sealed and a Parisian curfew instituted for the first time since Nazi occupation.

Isn’t this exactly the danger receiving nations were warned about with a mass influx of male “refugees” of military age?

The civilian cost of Friday night was tragic with hundreds dead. The numbers might still rise. Nobody’s quite sure how many attackers are still unaccounted for.

In light of this, naturally, world leaders have offered France their condolences and support. Obama was among them, boldly stating “I don’t want to speculate about who is responsible for the attacks”. (No indication yet whether he has plans to blame YouTube.)

NO! STOP pandering already.  Even CNN is long past that! Grow a pair, and show some leadership. The only question left, is which *particular* Islamic hate group is going to claim responsibility.

We are dealing with an armed population that believes Allah rewards them for killing infidels. This armed population doesn’t really care who it kills: Men, women, and children. Elderly, infirm, or an 8 year old at a marathon. Christians, Atheists, Jews, or the “wrong kind” of Muslim. A girl’s school in Nigeria, a sporting event, an office building, it doesn’t really matter.

Paris has a helluva mess on its hands, sorting out the good guys from the bad guys. We wish France all the best, but the situation has been massively compounded by the refugee crisis.

Wave after wave of humanity flooded in, alongside reports of some pretty extreme red flags: gang rapes, property destruction, caches of weapons. But Parisian leadership has the right idea.  “We are going to lead a war, and it will be pitiless” against the terrorists.

For perspective: one week before the attacks on Paris, Obama pledged to ramp up the intake of refugees. Earlier on Friday, (the same day as the attack) he announced that ISIS “is not getting stronger, we have contained them”.

Let’s for a moment lay aside political blinders, and pretend that the presidency isn’t just an audition for the job he really wants (UN Sec-General). Let’s look at the rise of Islam not just some anti-imperialist cultural pushback from the developing world that Ivy League types like him quietly cheer. Let’s look at it, instead, as the delivery method for a regressive pro-slavery, anti-nationalist, expansionist, supremacist, militaristic theocratic and existential threat to peaceful and civilized nations. (They don’t treat women well, either.)

Stop and let the gravity of this sentence sink in: those who bled the ground red in Paris want to do the same here.

Now what — exactly — are we prepared to do about it?