HERO IN MUSLIM STABBING ATTACK: Wished He Had THIS – Crickets from the Media

Written by Thomas Holmes on November 6, 2015

There’s got to be a safer way to change people’s minds. The Left’s deluge of anti-2nd Amendment propaganda has always frustrated rational people’s ability to connect Constitutional principles- to say nothing of plain logic- to listener’s ears. This week, the result of this liberal bullhorn is that it put the life of Byron Price, the hero who fought an armed Faisal Mohammad, at greater risk. Mr. Price intervened in Mohammad’s stabbing party, unarmed, and likely saved many lives in the process. Fortunately, Price’s heroism didn’t cost him and body parts but, according to KCPE-TV reporter Joey Horta, the experience changed Price’s mind about carrying guns.

“He [Price] wishes he had one when this all unfolded for him today.” Horta reported on the station’s Wednesday night broadcast. It also undoubtedly helped sway things for Mr. Price that Mohammad- who also got a shout out by ISIS- was ultimately stopped by a gun.

We here at Clash Daily would love to tell you that Price’s comments have encouraged serious further analysis in the national discussion concerning self-protection and gun laws. So far, the discussion has been fairly one-sided and dominated by President Obama’s comments on selective incidents and the media’s equally selective reporting. I don’t recall this month’s Harvard Study determining the stricter gun control leads to higher murder rates making it onto MSNBC.

Of course, nothing that happened at the University of California, Merced has reached the fever pitch of past incidents. America’s still waiting for our Fearless Leader in 1600 Pennsylvania Ave to publicly thank campus police for using a gun to shoot a Muslim. I’m sure Mr. Price’s invitation to the White House to discuss his experience and change of mind is just lost in the mail.

This is just one thing that, for the life of me, I can’t figure out. Why two white American men who used a gun and to prevent a Muslim attacker from causing additional carnage and who believe more guns would have saved more people aren’t getting mainstream media traction and presidential attention?

Maybe if they had a clock instead of a gun?

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