IF ‘THE JV’ IS IN IRAQ & SYRIA: Is The ‘VARSITY’ Now In Europe & America?

Written by Rad Magnum on November 17, 2015

What if Obama knows exactly what he is doing? What if his hidden agenda, policies and inaction ARE his strategy? Might his inaction reveal his true loyalty?

Could the following actions reveal more than just some conspiracy theory? Consider the following …

1. Blindfold Americans using the media to cover up any incendiary events that might alert Americans to push back against the Muslim/Islamic world integration and domination plan. As refugees shouted in Europe, “We will make your wives our concubines and rape your children so your sons will worship Allah.”

So when he says, ISIL instead of ISIS and avoids any other Jihad or terrorist terminology, he is attempting to redefine terrorism in non-threatening language, as do most of his cronies.

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And when he says, “ISIL has been contained” he really means, as a container covers something up, ISIL activities have been covered up… by his disinformation and propaganda machine.

And when he says, “Paris was a setback”, he means, a setback to HIS policies … to mask their true intent and his plans for a Muslim America. Each speech and answer downplays the situation in support of Muslim policies. His loyalty is to protect, defend and serve radical Islam at every turn.

What if Obama was right when he called, ISIS just the JV team? What if the varsity squad of terrorists are here already, being reinforced by thousands of terrorists hidden among the refugees? If 8 terrorists could do all that damage in Paris, and a dozen could bring 9/11, what will thousands of terrorists be able to do to America?

2. Blame violence against America on racism and non-Muslim values. Label anyone who opposes his policies a racist. For example: Benghazi was caused by a cartoon of Allah. Use the ACLU to take down the Judeo/Christian in God we trust and the 10 commandments to protect and defend the new world order, Muslim, Islamic and Sharia Law.

3. Handcuff state and local law enforcement by secretly funding the DOJ organization of racial riots, ‘room to riot’ orders and Black Lives Matter marches, so they will be afraid to defend against a Muslim takeover. Portray all law enforcement as bullies, who use excessive force from white on black racial profiling.

4. Castrate the military and replace any federal officials who won’t fire on US citizens. Minimize any US contributions to the war on ISIS. Give France Intel to bomb only evacuated areas, as ISIS verified.

5. Disarm the people, by jumping on the carcasses of every soft-target, gun-free zone victim. Before their bodies are even cold, preach gun confiscation and blame the NRA while covering up the fact that the shooters were either registered democrats or Muslims. Arm the terrorists with the privacy and freedom they need to stockpile weapons and plan their deadly assaults on the disarmed areas where people cannot defend themselves. Buy up all ammunition possible and make the NRA the number one target for disarmament. Practice military takeover of areas that might be hostile to Muslim infiltration.

6. Spend billions to import thousands of refugees to hide terrorists, trained in Syria to join the 5th column of sleeper cells, ISIS training camps and no-go zones already in the United States. Assure the American people with the BIG LIE that all refugees have been thoroughly screened, when the only screening was to keep out non-Muslim’s and Christian’s seeking asylum. Those were screened because of their religion and blocked. These are the people who have been beheaded, burned alive, shot, raped, tortured etc., while Obama says we can’t use religion as a screen, since it betrays all of our ‘American’ values.

The ‘religion of peace’ gives only one choice, convert or die. As our veterans affirm, “Freedom is not free. It knows only one price… the price of blood.” Our leaders, who have sworn to protect us and our constitution should consider whether our country can survive 60,000 refugees, much less another year of Obama’s ‘Do Nothing’, pro-Muslim, anti-Constitutional, anti-American policies.

Now that both parties and the media are questioning his agenda, isn’t it time we all do something, or is it already too late?

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