Yesterday I wrote about how President Obama’s lack of interest in American winning might be, I dunno, contradictory to what a country’s leader should think. The obvious implication was that –especially in the wake of France and Russia bombing ISIS back to the Middle Ages the beginning of 2001:A Space Odyssey – America should be leading the way to victory. Now, I realize I made a mistake. Today, I better understand the dire consequences the west would face by this current America leading. It would be chaos. What changed my outlook? Our own Secretary of State John Kerry opening his pie hole.

As reported on, Secretary Frankenstein thought the current geo-political temperature of France and the world was perfect to unleash his blazing intellect and explain that, well you see, compared to the November 13th Paris attacks, the January Muslim slaughter of Charlie Hebdo staff was “understandable” and contained a “rationale”. You see, Secretary Kerry is so insightful that he could laser his mind, like a surgeon wielding his scalpel and remind us that not all terrorists are the same.

The Muslims who butchered twelve people at Charlie Hebdo died for a perfectly understandable reason- they drew a picture! You see, us liberty loving westerners need to respect the feelings of the bomb toting Muslims who don’t think freedom of speech should include something they don’t like. I mean sure, smearing the walls with Charlie Hebdo employee’s blood was an act of terrorism, but- according to America’s highest ranking diplomat- it was an understandable act of terrorism.

To be fair, old Canoe Face was probably only trying to think of something brilliant to say about how seemingly random the November 13 attacks were and ended up sticking his size 14 straight into his mouth. Somehow, that doesn’t make me feel any better. At best, Kerry picked the worst possible time to fumble through a moronic idea that basically went, “I can grasp the rationale of terrorists wanting to murder someone when their religion gives them the right to do so, but killing when there’s not a specific Koran scripture is a bridge too far!” At worse, we have an American President, Cabinet and entire political party falling all over themselves to defend 300 million global criminals.

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Maybe it’s for the best that Russia takes the lead because demanding the current Americans in power belly up to the bar is pretty much what got the world in this nightmare in the first place.

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