MARCO RUBIO: Thinks He Has People Fooled – But Here’s The TRUTH About His Plans To…

Written by Julie Prince on November 13, 2015

Illegal immigration is undoubtedly one of the most important issues facing our nation and remains a hot button topic among the candidates. Jeb Bush, once the establishment hopeful has been replaced by amnesty supporting friend of Schumer, Marco Rubio.

Touting himself as a “conservative”, Rubio may feel that the American people have very short memories, or maybe he’s praying they got a sudden case of amnesia because who in their right mind could forget the “Gang of Eight”?

When it came time to cuddle up with his Democratic buds and toe the amnesty line, Rubio followed behind lock and step. Senator Ted Cruz recently spoke to Laura Ingraham about Rubio’s massive involvement in the Gang of Eight bill which Rubio co-authored.

Cruz said, 

Talk is cheap. You know where someone is based on their action. We had an epic battle in Congress just a couple years ago – we’re not talking about ten, twenty years ago, this was just a couple years ago – on the question of amnesty. And, the argument that we need to secure the border first was an argument I was making over and over again, it was an argument that you were making over and over again, it was an argument that you were making over and over again, it was an argument that Jeff Sessions was making over and over. 

While the American people voiced their disdain for amnesty, Rubio ignored every single plea, forging ahead with plans to push it through congress. Rubio also voted against every single effort, “opposed every single one of them” put forth by his conservative counterparts that would have improved border security. 

Cruz explained, 

Well, for example, I introduced an amendment in the Judiciary Committee to triple the border patrol…to put in place a strong E-Verify system, to put in place a strong exit-entry system for visa overstays. And, every Senate Democrat on the Committee voted against it and the sponsors of the Gang of Eight. The Gang of Eight, all eight of them, agreed to vote against every amendment that would strengthen the bill from an enforcement perspective. And, they voted against one after the other, so the Republican sponsors and the Democrats voted against that amendment. And, I introduced another amendment, Laura, that simply said anyone who’s here illegally would be ineligible for government welfare benefits – remember the Gang of Eight was saying over and over again, they wouldn’t get welfare. I said, “Fine, let’s put it in the law. They won’t get welfare.” Every Democrat voted against it and every Republican sponsor of the bill voted against it. And, they voted as a block over and over and over again, amendment after amendment. Jeff Sessions introduced amendment after amendment. I introduced amendment after amendment. And, the Gang of Eight voted as a gang against enforcing and securing the border.

Reports from the Washington Post say the Gang of Eight met behind closed doors before every committee hearing to decide what amendments they would support and which ones they would oppose if they felt it would crush their plans.

Rubio has declared several times that he would not vote for any bill that granted amnesty before the border was secured which was a blatant lie as he voted for the bill anyway. He even went on the record when he appeared on the Sean Hannity show saying, “I don’t think any of that [amnesty] begins until we certify that the border security progress has been real. That a workplace enforcement mechanism is in place. That we are tracking visitors to our country, especially when they exit.”

Rubio allowed himself to be the puppet of Democrats turning his back on even the establishment loyalists. Bob Menendez told The New Yorker that it was Marco’s job to “neutralize” conservative opposition to the bill and even “proselytize” to them.

Getting down to brass tacks, Rubio lied to the American people and his supporters. He has proven himself to be the establishment’s new poster boy for the typical and more-of-the same losing formula, and that’s just something that this country just can’t afford to buy stock in. 

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