MARK LEVIN ASKS DONALD TRUMP: “Is Ben Carson Mentally Off?” Trump’s Answer is INTERESTING

Published on November 12, 2015

When Mark Levin asked Donald Trump is he thought Ben Carson was mentally off, his answer was unexpected. Do you think that Trump has a point? Scroll down for video.

“You know, he wrote a book, and he talked about — you know — pathological disease. And he talked about hitting his mother — you know — wanting to hit his mother over the head with a hammer.

You know, I never had those thoughts in all fairness, and neither did you. And you know other things — you know — hitting a friend, his best friend in the face with a padlock. That’s pretty bad.”

“But you don’t think he’s mentally off, do you?” Levin asked, seemingly giving Trump an open invitation to not go down this road of insinuating that Dr. Ben Carson, a renowned former pediatric neurosurgeon, is mentally ill because of things that happened in his past 40-50 years ago.

“I hope not,” Trump answered, sounding unsure.

“You don’t believe that, do you?” Levin asked again, giving Trump another chance to grab the lifeline.

“I don’t know,” Trump answered. “First of all, I like him. You know, I was with him last night,” Trump told Levin, going on to say that he gets along well with almost all of the GOP presidential candidates.

Listen to it here:

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