MUSLIM B*TCH BLOWS UP POLICE DOG: Heroic K9 ‘Diesel’ Blown Up By Female Suicide Bomber In Paris

Published on November 18, 2015

This dog died as a hero after he was blown up by a Muslim female suicide bomber.

An anti-terror police dog has died after being blown up by a female suicide bomber during a firefight with suspected ISIS militants behind the Paris massacre.

The seven-year-old Belgian Shepherd named Diesel was killed during a raid by up to 100 police and soldiers on a flat in the French capital this morning.

Diesel, who was sent in to the building to sniff out booby traps, was blown to pieces when a jihadi bride came out firing her AK-47 at police before detonating her suicide vest.

Tributes quickly poured in to the respected canine, with one police handler saying: ‘It’s a little like losing one our colleagues.’

One Twitter user said Diesel had ‘died to defend our colours’.

The official profile for Police Nationale tweeted that Diesel ‘was killed by terrorists in the current operation in Saint-Denis’.

A source told MailOnline: ‘When the policemen arrived with the dog, the dog came in first and was immediately killed. The French people are sad about the death.’

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