RACE-BAITING PROF, Who Threatened Minority During ‘Anti-Racism’ Riot, Just Got Some BAD NEWS That You’ll Enjoy

Written by Thomas Holmes on November 11, 2015

None of this should really come as a surprise to anybody who knows the difference between a democracy and mob rule. As you know, the onerous students at the University of Missouri who took their History of the World Wearing Marxist Glasses 101 a little too seriously got their wish. They successfully bullied the University President out of a job because they wanted him to do more for racism and minority safety. Remember that last part.

Not satisfied with their victory in mob rule, the crowd of protesters, accompanied by Mizzou professor, Melissa Click, continued their public protests against sanity. Unfortunately, it seem the protestors and Professor Click only care about the comfort and safety of some minorities, only when it suites them. At least that seemed to be the case when Ms. Click threatened an Asian reporter, on assignment for ESPN, with violence if he didn’t pound sand and stop inflicting his 1st Amendment right to photograph the public mob.

According to the video recorded in the moment, numerous students crowded the journalist while he was documenting the event. The students, oh hell let’s just call them a threatening mob it’s more accurate, the threatening mob insisted the journalist had zero right to take photos of them while attempting to push the reporter of his space. Again, this is a public location and the journalist is documenting a very public event. Ms. Flick stormed up to the reporter and eventually asked for some “muscle” to remove the reporter.

Rather Ironically, Mizzou is the oldest and largest public college of journalism in America. Whether it should still be considered part of America is another question. So, for those needing a score sheet track the Left’s destructive propensities, we’ve got the country’s oldest journalism school threatening the safety of a reporter while doing his job, students- who are supposed to be getting smarter while there- insisting that the 1st Amendment doesn’t include the right for journalists to cover public rioters and, best of all, A professor leading an anti-racial protest running up and threatening an Asian person because she didn’t like where he was standing.

Fortunately, it appears the University of Missouri leadership awoke from its coma long enough to revoke Professor Click’s appointment but unfortunately, the damage at Mizzou is already done. We’re seeing what happens when you feed an angry mob mistaking itself as a democracy. It cost two people their jobs- one undeservedly – threatened the safety and rights of a minority reporter and revealed the ignorance of the vast majority students.

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