School Had Students Sing Islamic ‘FIGHT Song’…But Parents Are NOT Having It

Here’s another reason why you should take your kids out of public school ASAP. What do you think would happen if they tried to do this with Christianity?

Parents at a California middle school are demanding to know why a teacher had students sing an Islamic “fight song.”

A seventh-grade teacher at Spring View Middle School in Huntington Beach, California, deviated from the district’s official curriculum and had students sing “This Is My Fight Song.” Parent and grandparent Nichole Negron and Susan Negron told KCAL 9 Los Angeles their seventh grader was told to participate in the activity.

“I believe that by singing the song, the children feel comfortable that maybe Allahu is the only god and maybe that they should start following him,” Susan Negron told the network Tuesday. “I’m not OK with that.”

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The women only found out about the activity by accident when Negron’s son brought a pamphlet with lyrics home.

“How can we as parents combat against what we don’t know is going on?” the mother asked.

The lyrics to “This Is My Fight Song” go as follows:

Like a sandstorm in the desert, sending camels into motion.
Like how a single faith can make a heart open, they might only have one god,
But they can make an explosion.

All those things they have to say, Islam … Allahu’s on the way.
They will preach them loud tonight. Can you hear the voice this time?
This is their fight song. Spread Islam now song. Prove that they’re right song.

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