SEVEN YEARS AND COUNTING: Barack Obama’s Expanding Islamic Influence in America

Written by Marilyn Assenheim on November 23, 2015

In a world where every observation is subjected to the harrow of PC, regardless of how true, the above question not only begs to be asked but demands to be answered. Truth and reality seem to have been forced from our consciousness with pitchforks and lit torches by the Thought Gestapo. The “offense” suffered by the self-marginalized trumps whatever may be true…just because they refuse to believe history, the words and actions of those perpetrating crimes against them, their own eyes and ears. This said, there are still tormented, apparently soul-searing questions being asked by people who should know better. Like it or not, the answer has made itself apparent over a very long period of time. Time we no longer have the luxury of invoking.

Many of the questions, largely from the Conservative side of the aisle (Leftists don’t question the actions of Our Dear Leader), deal with the behavior of The Lyin’ King. Motives of ignorance, a misguided desire to achieve a “legacy” or incompetence are still being used as excuses for the torching of the world around us. After the barbaric events in Paris last week, questions have begun taking the form of “Why? Why, why, why would (the President) endanger the American people???” Answers still seem to fall short of what is staring us right in the face. One act appearing to be harmful or dangerous to Americans by the occupant of the White House and the minions infesting his administration may be attributable to the above, relatively benign reasons. Seven years of consistent action, however, can be nothing less than purposeful.

It would require a book to document all of the blatant horrors the President has perpetrated on the world over the last seven years, just from a foreign policy perspective. Just going by what is currently relevant; “The Arab Spring” must be the starting point. The Lyin’ King, current White House hopeful Mrs. Clinton and their toadies were all over every media outlet they could commandeer, blaming an unknown video for inciting a Middle East uprising…that had not yet occurred. How is such a clairvoyant mea culpa a coincidence? The Lyin’ King systematically destabilized the entire Middle East. He sicced Hillary on Libya (not even mentioning Benghazi), withdrew our troops from Iraq (with well-publicized timetables), and fomented the burgeoning of ISIS/ISIL. He has systematically cut US military numbers and decimated military weaponry. He has refused to blame or call radical Islam by name and as recently as the morning of the Paris attacks stated that “ISIL is contained”. Oops; his bad. When confronted by the horror, he had the effrontery to state (the attack) “is a setback”. One can be sure that the victims and their families were comforted by this. As they buy The Lyin’ King’s refusal to act but to provide, instead, a pathetic crocodile-tear-stained hash tag. Now that’s compassion!

But The Lyin’ King’s “compassion” is not squandered on the victims of Islamic barbarity. It is reserved for the “refugees” flooding the Western world from Syria. Four million Syrians have fled Syria, thus far. Syria’s entire population is 22,000,000 million people. The math indicates that 20% of Syria’s population has fled. Of those four million, 73% of those fleeing are men, largely of military age, not the “three-year-old orphans” The Lyin’ King sneers to the world press that Republicans are “afraid of”.

Our “compassion” is invoked to allow an invasion to take place. No one has yet asked why shipping millions, who cannot be vetted, to Europe and America is a “compassionate” act whereas prevailing upon the Arab world to take in their brothers is, apparently, not. No one has questioned why “compassion” requires baring our throats to jihadists, even potentially.

The truth is that compassion has nothing to do with it. It almost doesn’t matter “why” The Lyin’ King is doing what he’s doing. It doesn’t matter, in the immediate term, that 70% of American Muslims self identify as Democrat. It doesn’t matter that the resettling of thousands of Syrians against the will of the American people (much as an unimpeded flow of illegals from Mexico), would bolster Democrat numbers and provide Democrats a multigenerational underclass. What matters is that he is getting it done with the blessing of our political class and the weepy, sanctimonious dupes who still think they are multicultural. They refuse to understand, no matter how heinous the acts perpetrated against them, that true multiculturalism means seeing exactly what other cultures really think and believe. Instead, such PC adherents cling to the notion that multiculturalism means that they can ascribe noble intentions and moral equivalence to other cultures because that is what they choose to believe.

What matters is that after seven years of constant, unilateral attacks on American freedoms The Lyin’ King has perpetrated the final betrayal of his oath of office. The single Constitutional obligation that the Federal government and the President have to America and her citizens is to keep us safe. By forcing an influx of a culture committed to a fanatical, 7th century, theocratic ideology dedicated to the destruction of anything non-Muslim, he has endangered the nation. His refusal to even slow his plans is even more damning. Islamic terrorists don’t have to have a membership card in one faction or another to be lethal. It only takes commitment to commit jihad. Which America has already experienced. Many, many times. It doesn’t matter what his motives are. It only matters that America is being forced to incur the risk that it will happen again.

Stupid questions should no longer be necessary. Arthur Conan Doyle once had Sherlock Holmes say “…when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” A seven-year commitment to the promotion of Islam in America by The Lyin’ King while every other religion is eroded is what’s true.

Like it or not, that’s the answer.


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Marilyn Assenheim
Marilyn Assenheim was born and raised in New York City. She spent a career in healthcare management although she probably should have been a casting director. Or a cowboy. A serious devotee of history and politics, Marilyn currently lives in the NYC metropolitan area.