SHOCKING VIDEO: Did The Coast Guard Deliberately Sink A Muslim ’Refugee’ Boat?

Is this too harsh? Or are they justified? This shocking video shows the moment when the Greek Coast Guard allegedly punctured a Muslim refugee boat and allowed them to sink.

This video seems to show a man on a Greek Coast Guard ship taking a long pole with a sharp tip and puncturing a life boat that had a bunch of refugees on it. The life boat sinks as the people on it scream and the vessel sails away.

A Turkish ship arrives later and rescues the refugees and takes them to a port city named Didim in Turkey. A couple of things here, I couldn’t see the actual piercing of the life boat in this footage.

It’s also been cut up and you don’t get the full footage of what transpired. You only have the word of the Turks and the Muslim refugees that this happened and they have been known to lie their head’s off.

If this did happen, it is certainly disturbing and shocking. It shows just how much the Greeks hate the refugees who are demanding asylum in their country.

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