SIMPLE INTERVIEW QUESTIONS: For Muslim Syrian ‘Refugees’ (Libs & Muslims Won’t Like This)

Published on November 21, 2015

Here are my interview questions for the 97.5% Muslim Syrian ‘refugees.’

1.) Do you believe in Allah and that Mohammed is his prophet?

2.) Do you believe that Mohammed was a “Perfect Man,” as the Koran teaches?

3.) Do you submit to the Koran and the Hadith as your standard for ethics?

4.) Will you do your duty as a Muslim to seek to further establish the region of Islam in America?

5.) Do you agree that establishing Shariah Law is your duty to Allah?

6.) Do you agree with Jihad in all its forms, personal, spiritual, cultural and in war is a Muslim duty?

7.) Do you agree with the Koran that faithful Muslim men are superior to all other people?

If they answer yes to any of these questions and we let them into our country … we have effectively committed cultural and civil suicide.

The First Amendment does NOT grant an absolute right to religion, if that religion is committed to undermining the Constitution and our laws.

A Muslim by definition is disqualified from citizenship.

PROBLEM: Muslims are permitted to deceive the infidels to prosecute their Jihad. So asking any Muslim any questions and expecting an honest answer is utter insanity.

We are so arrogant and spiritually proud we think we can do what NO ONE before us has ever done; peacefully coexist with Islam.

Like the doe eyed socialists who think the reason it never worked anywhere it was tried is because some how they were inferior in mind or will. We are smarter and better than all who have tried it before us.

Show Muslims mercy and they see it as weakness or that Allah is working in their favor and they’ll exploit it to get an advantage.

In one sense they can’t help themselves as they are slaves to Satanic deception and a depraved mind.

– Satan is called a tyrant; Islam produces tyranny and calls it virtue.

– Satan is a murderer from the beginning, so was Mohammed and they call him a “Perfect Man.”

– Satan is the Father of Lies, Allah, their false god, promotes lying and deception.

Doing “good” may make us feel good for a moment, but Muslims are the violent seed of Ishmael, “wild asses” according to the Bible.

So the question is who do we really love? Where are our biblical responsibilities? Is it moral to help those who are overtly and covertly working to eradicate our faith and lives unless we convert?

Do I show love to my family by letting the burglar break in and steal?

Do I invite the rapist to take my daughter because I need to show him love?

Do I “turn the other cheek” and let our Muslim enemies have their way and kill me because I refuse to affirm their wicked cult?

Islam is a scorpion waiting to strike.

It is their religion and culture.

We are fools to invite them into our country.

From Gary Cass via Facebook

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