THE RADICAL MOSQUE NEXT DOOR: This Map Will Show You If You Live Near Islamic Nut-jobs

Published on November 21, 2015

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There could be a radical Muslim Mosque in your neighborhood. Here’s the terrifying reality.

Daily Caller – French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve called for the “dissolution” of radical mosques following last week’s terrorist attacks in Paris that killed 130 people. Belgium’s Prime Minister, Charles Michel threatened similar action in his country where the attacks were staged.

Neither President Obama nor other officials in his administration, however, have spoken of shutting down radical mosques in the U.S. But U.S. reticence about taking actions now being implemented by France and Belgium isn’t for a lack of mosques in this country in which hatred for American values and support for jihad terrorism are regularly heard.

There are more than 80 radical mosques in the U.S., according to the Clarion Project, a non-profit group that describes itself as “dedicated to exposing the dangers of Islamist extremism.”

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