THESE 27 GOVERNORS Are Taking A Stand Against Obama for WE THE PEOPLE

Written by ++++Allen on November 22, 2015

Since I initiated this article last night, I am reading that as of right now 27 governors have declared no to Obama’s Syrian refugee-resettlement program. The governors are proclaiming that no Syrian refugees will be allowed in their states…let the revolt begin.

So Texas, Alabama, Louisiana, Michigan and Florida are now being joined by 22 more states to just say “No, Barry”, not here! I expect the number to rise. But what is revealing by the chart is the silence of other known liberal-blue states, who have not committed one way or the other. Also the silence of the un-committed conservative-value states is a curious thing, too.

Several of our united states are thumbing their noses at Obama and his lunacy of bringing murderous Islamic Syrians to our shores. Just yesterday at the European G-20 Summit, Obama the king said (paraphrasing) “We need to show the Syrian refugees our western values.” Oh, shut up.

defy obGreg Abbott, governor of Texas, flat out said, no Syrians are moving here….until the FBI can guarantee our safety. So I assume… like, never. Any adherent to Islam possess a potential danger, period. Thank you, governor, for protecting us from enemies, both foreign and domestic. Oh, that’s right, that’s the president’s job but he’s MIA, as he has been for most of his presidency.

Most politicians say, that for our part we could erect a refugee-village in any one of those several Islamic hellhole countries and put the refugees there. It makes no sense to plop any of them here in the states. We don’t share culture, language or religion with them and we never will. Besides, we don’t have enough goats and pedophilia is illegal here.

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