These NUMBERS About Muslims Completely DESTROY Obama’s ‘Innocent Refugee’ Narrative

Relax they said, don’t succumb to unjustified Islamophobia, they said. When the Obama Administration routinely opens its pie hole to address what it insists is only America’s second greatest national security risk, this is the type of “leadership” we usually get. President Obama is massaging the American subconscious into thinking the radical Islam isn’t the threat the terrorists are clearly indicating it is. He continuously refuses to acknowledge terrorist’s religious motivations and by insisting that radical Islam is an insignificant minority of the Religion of Peace. And we all know how Obama cares about minority rights.

As with all things leftist, the truth is in the context. Two recent polls reinforce the truth and lay to waste the liberal argument that because Islamic terrorist support is a minority in Islam we should therefore support Muslims in their faith 100%. Sorry Charlie, but the facts just disagree. One poll was taken in the U.K., as reported by The Sun, which show that nearly 20% of British Muslims actually sympathize with those who fight for ISIS. While it’s nice that the same poll shows 71% have no sympathy with the Jihadists, it’s cold comfort the next time you walk along Piccadilly Circus, of the ten Muslims walking there too, statistically, two of them are terrorist supporters.

While at first blush this poll would seemingly support the liberal narrative that Muslim is super great and the extremists who want to murder the planet shouldn’t ruin the party for the rest of Islam, it ignores the fact that a motivated 20% is no hardly anything to laugh at. Compare that to the Muslim majority in the U.K. who, if Omar Elhamdoon of the Muslim Association of Britain is to be believed, only care about not getting involved. When asked about why moderate Muslims don’t come out and publically condemn ISIS, Mr. Elhamdoon told The Sun, “When we do condemn the acts it is maybe indirectly saying we are taking responsibility and owning the problem when it is nothing to do with us.”   When somebody works out the logic in that train of thought, let me know.

Another recent poll by The Pew Research Center tries to celebrate the results that “Views of ISIS is Overwhelmingly Negative”. The poll shows a large various Middle East countries mostly opposing ISIS. Oh good, thanks for solving the world’s problems guys. Obviously since so manly Muslim locations disapprove of ISIS we can write them off as j.v. and contained. Oh wait, what’s that last country on the poll list, the one with only a 28% disapproval of ISIS? Is that Pakistan? You know Pakistan, it’s the country with the largest Muslims population in the world. But hey, at least Lebanon really hates ISIS!

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So let’s put Obama’s rhetoric and the questionable leftist narrative of moderate majority Islam in proper context. 20% of a severely radicalized global population is meaningful and must be realistically accepted in order for it to be properly addressed. I don’t think anyone put it better to Brigitte Gabriel in her address at The Heritage Foundation. If 20% of over 1.5 billion Muslims are murderous, radical lunatics scouring world for things to detonate, that’s s still roughly the population of America.

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