They Threaten the President and Americans — So Why Do Muslims Get Special Treatment?

Published on November 29, 2015

by Mike Martin
Clash Daily contributor

At the risk of being investigated if I were to say “the president should be eliminated” ( Dear Secret Service the “If” makes this a hypothetical question and not a call to action ), I would probably be investigated by the FBI and the Secret Service . I’m sure that their rational would be that a threat to the president, how ever made, is a serious matter. Men with guns would probably come to “discuss” the matter with me. So, even though no threat is actually made, it could have dire consequences. Heaven forbid that if they come to question me that I ask them for a warrant or to vacate my property. A homeowner recently had police illegally break into his home (after he asked them for their warrant which they didn’t have ), taser him, and shoot him enough times to kill him, according to a recently published article about an occurrence in one of the Carolinas.

But, when a supposed religion ( cult of head chopping pedophiles in my view ) called Islam populated by “Muslims” say that they want to kill us or forcibly change our religion and that their Quran and Hadith preach that to them, we are being islamophobic.  Defining this as an unreasonable fear of islam. Then, the government, says our fears are not only unjustified but border on being psychotic ( hence the phobe or phobic suffix ). I have some news for the government, it doesn’t matter if you say we aren’t at war with Islam or Muslims, they are at war with us. It is not unreasonable to be leery/wary and watchful of of people who want to kill you, and who’s religion commands them to do it.

Obama says that he is Christian, thus Islam, and hence Muslims, preach/pray that he should either be converted or killed. Yet our idiot government says that they can’t put mosques or Muslims under surveillance as it is an invasion of their privacy and their 1st amendment freedoms of religion and speech. So, apparently, according to the government “if” (there’s that pesky hypothetical again) I preach / advocate that Obama be assassinated I would in all likelihood be investigated and probably arrested for threatening the president. But following the logic of the government’s treatment of Islam and Muslims, If I create a church and religion that seeks to kill him or ( to use a religious term ) convert him to being a non president then I would be hypothetically immune to prosecution for advocating his death the same as Islam and Muslims are free to advocate the same.

Get real, Islam and Muslims are to be feared because they actually carry out their threats, so they get left alone. A new church with no history behind it is not to be feared, but would be crushed by the government before it could spread. Is it our government that is crazy, or just the idiots running it? They support the Constitution if they can force something bad down our throats, but ignore it when it tries to protect it’s citizens.

The government says that if you won’t marry gay people in your church, or bake them a wedding cake that you are discriminating against them. A test question is a discriminator because it discriminates against the people taking the test who don’t know the answers. If you won’t let a known child molester babysit your children, that is discrimination. Another definition of discrimination is to exercise judgment. The Constitution does not protect against all forms of discrimination, only the ones listed in the Constitution and its amendments. The expletive- deleted courts and agencies and presidential orders do not change the Constitution. If they want it changed let them propose an amendment and get it ratified by the states. Otherwise it is unconstitutional, and has no force of law.

Hmmmmm, maybe someone should establish a religion based on the Constitution, that requires its parishioners /congregations to end Constitutional violations by any means necessary, and with extreme prejudice if needed.

Lord we pray that in your wisdom you affect changes in our government to bring them back in line with your inspired Constitution, and to protect those God-given rights contained therein. In Christ’s name I pray, and that thy will be done. Amen.

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mike martinMike Martin thanks you for the opportunity to express “different points of views”; and if you were to ask his family they would probably tell you that he’s as different as they come….

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