This Black College Terroracist Group Is Making A SICK Demand for the Constitution

Written by Thomas Holmes on November 13, 2015

Remember when black singer Bob Marley sang those lyrics, Until the color of a man’s skin is of no more significance than the color of his eyes? He was trying to tell anyone who would listen that humanity’s basic, God-given, value lies deep within man’s character and heart. Surface-level variations, be they color, body shape, or anything else is mere texture on the soul. Don’t tell this to the racists of the student-run, multi-college, “Afrikan Black Coalition”. According to, these terroracists recently published a manifesto entitled “A New Constitution or the Bullet” (I know which one I’d vote them to get).

In the post, the Coalition insists they have a right to “stop white people”. As a result, they have a “human right to overthrow a government that has been destructive to our people”. “Our people” as defined by their skin color, just like Bob Marley and Dr. King intended. Personally, I was unaware that these students being given the opportunity to participate in the greatest higher education system in the world (Mizzou notwithstanding) and enjoying a two term black president was so destructive to them.

All the college tuition your parents saved…down the toilet

Another post, published on November 9th with the hashtag #StopWhitePpl2k15, discussed white people’s racist habit of not “respecting boundaries” “or minding their own business”. The author wrote about his clearly racism-fueled problem of not being able to safely discuss the #StopWhitePpl2k15 campaign on the net without getting flak. I guess it’s racism if white people see that hashtag and terms like “stop white people” and be worried, but it’s not racist for angry black people who only care about skin color to threaten white people solely because of their different color.

Glad to see Bob Marley’s philosophy is so well respected.

Naturally, there isn’t anything in either post that detail why the Constitution is so racist. Nor do they explain how a document firmly detailing humanity’s freedom from oppression by providing strict restrictions on the government is so dangerous. Well, other than the Coalition’s air-tight and totally racism-free logic that the Constitution is fundamentally evil because it was written by a bunch of white guys.

College IS for Dummies!

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