THIS EU NATION Just Had A MASSIVE Protest AGAINST Islam (Crickets From ‘Media’)

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This EU Nation isn’t just going to take the Islamization of Europe without a fight. The Polish people are sick and tired of letting their culture be stolen away from them…so this is what they did.

Described as the ‘largest demonstration in Polish history’, around 70,000 Polish nationalists took to the streets yesterday in the city center of Warsaw against immigration into Europe and the European Union—and in particular the latter’s demands that Poland “absorb” invaders who have flooded into Germany over the past few months. Protesters referred to the immigrants as invaders.

The massive demonstration—the largest such event yet in Poland—comes only two weeks after the populist Law and Justice party, described by the controlled media as “right wing”—convincingly won elections in that country, forcing out the previous administration which had not taken a firm enough line against the invasion of Europe.

The nationalist rally, which attached itself to the official Independence Day commemorations in Poland, was addressed by Ruch Narodowy (the National Movement); Member of Parliament Tomasz Rzymkowski; the head of the All-Polish Youth, Adam Andruszkiewicz; and a guest speaker from the Hungarian Jobbik party.

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