THIS U.S. CITY: Moves To Start A Muslim Government – And The Media Is SILENT

Written by Thomas Holmes on November 5, 2015

And so it begins. I guess America was feeling a little left out of all the Muslim influence in western democracies like Britain and Australia. We want our fair share of Islamic indoctrination too. And now, a suburb of Detroit has stepped up and elected the first Muslim majority city council in American history. The Polish settled town of Hamtramck, Michigan voted Muslim in four of the six council elections in what is generally considered a reflection of the town’s changing demographics. It wasn’t even that close. Muslims were the top three vote getters.

To be fair, two of the Muslims were actually re-elected. And while we’re not talking about the Islamists who boycotted the police in Australia, this is the same city that saw no problem voting unanimously in 2004 to allow the mosques to broadcast the Muslim call to prayer. Look, I’d love nothing more than to report this as a great step for new believers in America and immigrants who reflect constitutional ideals. Unfortunately, last I checked, this is still the same religion whose highest leadership defines its faith on Sharia Law and destroying America.

Beside the questions about empowering people of a dangerous and violent faith, despite their individual integrity, there’s the issue of diversity. Of course, don’t tell this reporter that there’s a diversity problem. As he rambles on about Hamtramck’s new reflection he seems happy to ignore the fact that the city council’s “diversity” is 67% one faith and ethnic background. Don’t even get into the question of political diversity.

Apparently, ethnic majorities are only a problem when were dealing with Caucasian males.

Thomas Holmes is a noteworthy writer who always lampoons the lunatic left with his viral posts.