TO HONOR OUR VETERANS: Every Person Should Do This, ESPECIALLY Young People

Published on November 11, 2015

by Mike Martin
Clash Daily Contributor

I was asked to write an article for Veterans Day, anything I liked, by an individual who ( I think ) respects my opinions.
I think I will write about what I don’t like instead. I like to think that I say/promote the truth as I see it. My wife says ( and her sister Carol ) think that I’m way to politically incorrect when I write. I’ve tried explaining that I don’t like “political correctness “, I’d rather have people know what I really believe and not have to guess through the idiom of politically correct language what I’m writing about .  So the chances are that if you feel insulted by what I say, it’s probably what I intended. As a veteran I ask myself, “Where did we go wrong. “
Let’s start with a “brief” history of some of the wrongs .
I volunteered in the ‘Nam era, while others protested and avoided the draft, fleeing to Canada and elsewhere to NOT SERVE THEIR COUNTRY .
I was vilified as a baby killer, and they were exalted as conscientious objectors  to an “unfair” war. To tell you the truth, I don’t give a rats ass what the conscientious objectors think, I had a duty to serve, and I did my duty; for this, I was vilified.  So be it. Why then would they forgive a traitor like Jane Fonda who gave aid and comfort to the enemy ? Because even then, our government, didn’t have the courage to do what what right ! So, no trial for Hanoi Jane .
Since then, they have attempted (and mostly succeeded) in suppressing the Constitutional Rights that I swore an oath to uphold. Based upon that OATH, the president, the Congress, and the court system are all trying to overthrow the CONSTITUTION .
Who is to blame?  YOU! The low information voter, who doesn’t research the issues, or their congressmen’s voting record, before casting their ballot ! You need to be able to recognize when congress is taking a “real” vote, or just blowing smoke . Anytime they take a voice vote, they are blowing smoke ! they hide their votes in allowing things to be brought up for a vote that they know will pass if brought to the floor by voting to bring it to a vote, and then voting against it. It matters not, because they “knew” that once brought to a vote it would pass, but by voting for cloture, they prevented a filibuster. Note : reader : look at current democraps vote not for cloture to allow forever debates on the VA, the budget etc. ad nauseum.  Why do voters allow these imbeciles to stay in office ? Is it because their daddy and granddaddy voted democraptic ? I hope its that way. If they are informed and voting that way, we’re already dead, dead, dead.
I will continue to uphold my oath to support the CONSTITUTION of the United States. Only problem is, gee whiz, the majority of the people that the democraps have bought by giving them welfare, food stamps, free medical, ad nauseum. Only problem is, gee whiz, we can’t afford it, and when the country goes broke and all the low-information voters will blame the people that will try to fix the problem, instead of the democraps ( and the democrap-lite (RINOs) individuals that created the problems.
1st amendment . . . I can say what I want to say. The truth is always a valid defense. WE ARE AT WAR WITH ISLAM ( MUSLIMS ).  If they want to kill you, they ain’t your friends. we’ve already lost 25 % of this right because you can’t tell the truth about Islam ( Muslims ) without being called an Islamophobe .  Note to self, it’s not paranoia if they really are out to get you ( kill you ).
2nd amendment . . . the right to keep and bear arms. We’ve already lost 25 % of this right.  The government restricts your right to “fully automatic weapons” which they issue to police forces around the country. We should be allowed any weapon that the government uses against us !
3rd amendment . . .  You cannot be forced to house soldiers . . . yet police routinely evict people from their homes to “control” a situation where a neighbor might be armed. If they don’t have a court order, don’t let them.
4th amendment . . . Protects individuals from unreasonable searches and seizures. The police will “break” into your home with a “warrant”, but not allow you time to read it before entering. Without reading it, you can’t tell if it’s reasonable or not. Do not let them in. If armed intruders attempt to break in, shoot to stop the threat. Dead men don’t pose a threat  .  .  .  101st Airborne Training  .  . If they have a “valid” warrant monitor their search ! The right to search does not include the right not to be monitored while they are searching. Remember it’s your home/property. If they try to evict you with without an eviction warrant, protect your CONSTITUTIONAL rights, use sufficient force to stop the UNCONSTITUTIONAL EVICTION .
I have seen videos of police coming into a home with “child welfare terrorists” without a warrant to remove children from the household. Use necessary force to prevent “UNCONSTITUTIONAL entry without a warrant “ . Only shoot enough to  stop the threat.
5th amendment  .  .  . the government shall not deprive a person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law. The 2nd amendment supports your right to prevent the government from doing this without due process of law. Only use sufficient firepower to end the threat of 5th amendment violations .
6th amendment  .  .  . Right to a trial by jury . You are entitled to a trial by your peers.  You generally have a right to a random juror pool.  The prosecutor will generally attempt to remove jurors that he thinks will find you innocent. A pissing contest between your attorney, the judge, and the prosecutor will not do this for you. Seat a random jury pool.
7th amendment . . . You are entitled to a common law jury; note: judges and attorneys will attempt to restrict their right to find “law” unconstitutional” or not applicable to this case . They are wrong  .  .  . a jury can nullify any law or regulation that they deem does not fit. The judges will try to deny this. . . do not let them . .
8th amendment . . . prevent cruel and unusual punishment. The courts have interpreted this this to mean that they can ban the death penalty. They are wrong . Everyone dies, so it can’t be cruel and unusual, only the method of execution can be cruel and unusual, not the fact that the death penalty is being applied. That is one reason the 2nd amendment is germane . . . you can use force to end the threat. . . 101st Airborne: if they’re still moving and armed, they are still a threat ! End the threat, and you won’t have to worry about the screwed up court system . . .
9th amendment . . . If a power is not specifically given to the government, then it is a right retained by the people. SCROTUM ( Supreme Court Of The United States ) (so nicknamed for the many ways they screw us and the CONSTITUTION) does not have the right to change this by slowly changing the law through precedents. Neither does the president nor Congress. It takes a CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT  to change the CONSTITUTION, no matter what government sluts say. (Sluts because they do the paid bidding of lobbyists and not the bidding of their constituents ). 
10th amendment  .  .  . Powers not given to the Federal government are reserved for the states or to the people. This has been usurped by the federal government to the peril of us all.
Addendum .  .  . Presidential orders/directives or executive orders do not supersede the constitution. Presidential orders are for people working in the executive branch. If you value your life, liberty and property, you will ignore “UNCONSTITUTIONAL EXECUTIVE ORDERS”.
So what is so wrong with our country that it doesn’t deserve to be defended anymore ? Look to any democrap, progressive, socialist, or RINO that you have continued to put in office. I count Will Hurd who doesn’t vote conservative much of the time, and also John Coryrn who votes against bills after he votes to allow them to come to the floor for a vote.

But, make up your own mind . Do you like the way the country is currently being run?
Lord, grant the readers the wisdom to listen to words concerning what may be wrong, and to decide for themselves what they are willing to stand for/against and to defend. In Christ’s name I pray that your will be done. Amen . . .


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