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Trump Calls for This IMMEDIATE Action In Mosques…Muslims Will NOT Like This

In the wake of the horrifying ISIS attacks in Paris last Friday that no one could have possibly expected- except for basically every Republican presidential candidate and anyone not drinking the Obama flavored Kool-Aid – a member of one of those groups shocked some members of the other group with some plain old logic. In this case, Republican front runner Donald Trump saw the Paris bloodbath, adjusted the Tribble on his head, and then proclaimed to MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” show that maybe it’s time to shut some Mosque’s down.

Ya’ think?

Of course, the burka-sniffing leftists don’t understand how such an obviously racist concept like holding people accountable for choosing a religion that demands death for anybody who doesn’t ascribe to their God is gaining traction. Even after 9/11 and now two Islamic attacks in Paris in a calendar year. The Left is too busy trying to figure out how to appease the terrorists to stop and think about what Trump is actually saying. We already saw this manufactured resentment to reality when the libs stirred it up against Ben Carson after he explained why a dedicated Muslim couldn’t be President because Islam directly contradicts the Constitution he’d supposedly be swearing to uphold. Trump’s comments about monitoring and potentially closing Mosques that supports radical Islam has hit upon the real difference between how the right and left differently view the world.

Trump’s answer to the Paris tragedy includes looking the problem straight in the face and addressing what needs to be done: recognize and eliminate the threat- whatever it is- to both our physical country and America’s constitutional ideology. Like Dr. Carson correctly shining a light onto Islam’s fundamental opposition to American DNA, this is about protecting America from the wolf at the door by operating with facts not fantasy. It’s about fighting religious terrorists not opposing religion. Last I checked, it wasn’t America’s fault that that one religion is responsible for nearly all the world’s terrorists.

This simply does not compute for the left who would rather figure out how to include everybody into the pool party by appeasement and ideological malleability. Trump’s concept of monitoring and arresting criminals and their locations is only “shocking” if you’re living in the angry, phobia-drowning world invented by Marxist humanists who believe that accountability is fundamentally racist. The left can’t even gather enough guts to wonder why all the supposed modern Muslims aren’t standing up for their “real” Allah and fighting back against the terrorists who are damaging their faith. When America imprisoned all the Asian Americans after Pearl Harbor, even that didn’t stop Japanese Americans from joining the Army to fight in the Pacific against the Emperor.

The left wants people to believe the wolf at the door is the Republican Party. Unfortunately for that bit of narrative fiction, the real world keeps getting in their way.

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Thomas Holmes

Thomas Holmes is a noteworthy writer who always lampoons the lunatic left with his viral posts.