TRUMP Just Announced HUGE Plans for Muslim ‘Refugees’ In America – Dems Are OUTRAGED

Donald Trump just made a huge announcement about Muslim refugees in America – but is it possible?

Donald Trump said he would deport all Syrian refugees who settle in the U.S. if elected president.

“Anybody that’s brought into this country from the migration is going to be out,” Trump said at a rally in Knoxville, Tenn., Monday night. “We’re not gonna do it. We’re gonna have a country again, we’re gonna have borders, we’re gonna have a country again, right now we don’t have a country.”

Rather than accept Syrian refugees in the U.S., which Trump argues is a “Trojan Horse” that could allow entry for terrorists into the country, he advocates for building a “safe zone” inside Syria, where he said refugees could wait out the conflict.

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