WHACKED Liberal Sends WICKED Email To FAMOUS Conservative Woman: ‘You Deserve To Be Raped … By Hordes Of Muslims’

Published on November 25, 2015

If you were wondering how sick and twisted liberals can be, look no further than this whacked out chick.

The London university student responsible for the #KillAllWhiteMen hashtag has allegedly sent American blogger and radio personality Pamela Geller a degrading gang-rape e-mail telling her she “deserves to be raped in every hole by hordes of muslims”.

Addressed to Ms. Geller and apparently emanating from the official Goldsmith’s University email address for welfare and diversity officer Bahar Mustafa, the shocking email reads:

“You deserve to be raped in every hole by hordes of muslims, slapping and choking you, spitting in your mouth and pissing in ya face [sic]”


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