When Obama Is Done Demonizing Americans Over Syrians, He Can Focus On This REAL Problem

Written by Wes Walker on November 23, 2015

The left, once again is using their tried-and-true playbook. And we’re letting them get away with it.

Their formula is simple: choose a course of action, pretend it is the moral high ground, and demonize anyone who dares question it.

When looking at the waves of humanity crashing their way through Europe, it is hard to miss the relative absence of the very young, the very old, the infirm, and, of course, women. Where have those at greatest risk gone? Have they remained at home, exposed to the very hazards the young and healthy are supposedly fleeing? Should this not raise an eyebrow?

Nope. Don’t ask that question, you Islamophobe.

Notice how the people who daily demonize “safe” targets (America, Christian, Conservative, etc) get all bent out of shape if you ask pointed questions about their protected classes? And somehow YOU are the bigot? Because nobody really questions their supposed moral high ground.

The real problem on our horizon has nothing to do with America, skin color, or nation of origin.

The problem is, any nation deserves to know something about anyone it invites to live within its borders. The Faux-gressives know this. It’s why they are not calling on the many Middle-Eastern oil-rich nations to throw open their borders. They’d rather demonize Americans than work toward meaningful solutions.

Arab states have sufficient wealth and space to accommodate. They have common culture and language. Valuable aid dollars wouldn’t be wasted solving relocation-related problems like transportation or language training. Therefore, more could be directed to food, shelter, and medicine. That would be compassion I could support. (See Matt’s take on this.)

Of course, one of the objections raised by those Arab nations is the pesky little matter of the security risk. (Notice how it’s only racist when WE say it.)

What nobody has yet explained, is how the government can possibly expect to vet these refugees?  If the TSA hired 73 staff that were on terrorism watchlists, how will we “thoroughly vet” these applicants? Seriously? They cannot even produce their own government’s emails (i.e. Clinton, Lerner. FBI officials are even saying this task is impossible.)

What official records would we query? How shall we screen out petty career criminals – thieves, rapists, murderers, let alone sleeper-cell conspirators?

Sweden threw open its doors to such immigration some time ago. And now? Statistically Sweden has the second highest per-capita rape rate in the world.

The problem isn’t immigrants. The problem is their worldview.

Most people, and most cultures, speaking most languages can come to America and flourish within its freedoms — even with their own culture largely intact. Pick a religion: Hindu, Shinto, Pagan, Zoroastrian, Atheist, whatever — any of these can generally flourish within the American context.

Islam — or more specifically, Sharia — is different. Written right into their texts are imperatives that are in direct conflict with Western Democratic Rights, Women’s Rights, Free Speech, religious tolerance etc. (Evidence here.)

Only a great fool could believe that a massive influx of people whose beliefs are in direct conflict with Western standards of civil liberties would not create significant problems for future generations to solve.

But maybe, of course, you are just trying to “Fundamentally Transform” America.

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