WHEN THE LEFT WEAPONIZES SCIENCE: Richard Dawkins’ Attack On This GOP Candidate

Written by John Tutten on November 7, 2015

Now that Ben Carson is leading in some national polls in the race for the Republican presidential nomination, the left is beginning to sharpen their attacks on the former neurosurgeon.

This week, Fareed Zakaria, the CNN news host, conducted an interview with famed atheist and evolution pundit, Richard Dawkins. Dawkins who has written such best sellers as The God Delusion and The Selfish Gene, is the face of modern atheism today and is one of the leaders of the “Brights” movement, you know the really smart people whose proclamations frame the liberal worldview today.

Zakaria asked Dawkins to comment on the fact that all but one of the major Republican candidates believe that humans were created and were not the result of natural selection acting on random mutation, i.e., Darwinism.

Dawkins replied, “This is not something you believe in or not. I mean, this is a fact. It is a fact. It’s just as much of a fact as the Earth goes around the Sun. You can’t not believe it unless you’re ignorant.” He did soften his remark some by saying that the candidates may be stating that belief because that is what their constituency believes and that was depressing in itself.

Dawkins though singled out Ben Carson for more focused criticism and called his belief in creationism especially troubling. While the rest of the field espousing creationism is a disgrace, Dawkins asserted that a distinguished neurosurgeon holding such beliefs is far worse, because, “evolution is the bedrock of biology and biology is the bedrock of medicine.”

Well yes indeed, biology is the bedrock of medicine but evolution has been rendered junk science based on what we now know of the fossil record and of the information content of all biological life.

We now know that the fossil record documented in the Cambrian explosion which occurred some 542 million years ago, shows that most of the major body plans around today came into being in a period of time far too short for Darwinian gradualism to have been responsible. Gradualism is the foundational principle of the evolution Dawkins espouses and this FACT refutes its validity.

While Dawkins has to acknowledge the information content of biology, he narrowly makes the point that DNA similarity between species means that we all came from a common ancestor. However, he ignores the other possibility: that it may mean that all species have a common designer. Engineers reuse software all the time for different devices. The very same principle could apply to biological life. Whatever you do though, do not ask Dawkins where the information came from in the first place; he’s liable to lose his blood pudding right there in front of you.

There is a bigger issue at hand though. There are two fulcrums that the Marxist left is using to undermine Western Judeo-Christian culture. The first is indeed that human life is the result of Darwinian evolution. The other is that through man’s pursuit of freedom and prosperity we are causing calamitous damage to the climate. Therefore, through evolution, the Marxists are able to define who we are. Through global warming, they are can now define how we should live. It’s a complete worldview takeover and it is succeeding.

And key to the success of this diabolical strategy is the necessity to co-op science and coax out of it whatever supports the Marxists’ goals. Scientists have been seduced by grant money, department chairs, and notoriety supplied abundantly by the left. And the left has used its “Big Lie” machinery to set up scientists as the arbiters of reality, the high priests of all that is. Scientists are now the Marxists’ battering ram designed to demolish the foundational principles of America. The aforementioned Dawkins and former NASA head James Hansen are clear examples.

Because scientists are the bright ones, the educated ones, all debate is shut down. We are admonished to just listen and accept what the really smart people say. If you challenge their orthodoxy then you are labeled a denier or an ignorant fundamentalist.

The mainstream media plays an important role, too. They dutifully report and support whatever the latest scientific proclamation is in support of Marxist global domination. They are the left’s attack dogs that pounce on any dissent and belittle those who offer real truth or data opposing the party line, when they really don’t have a stinking clue.

This strategy really started to take hold in the early 1990’s. Kenneth P. Green and Hiwa Alaghebandian writing for the American Enterprise Institute in 2010 provided clear evidence of this unholy strategy taking hold. They conducted a Lexus Nexus search of a number of authoritarian scientific phrases used in print media to see how the use of such misleading phrases has risen over the last couple of decades.

The authors searched on the prevalence of such phrases as “science says we must”, “science says we should”, “science tells us we must”, “science tells us we should”, “science commands”, “science requires”, “science dictates”, and “science compels.” The results which clearly show a dramatic rise in the use of such terms can be seen here: https://www.aei.org/publication/science-turns-authoritarian/

Clearly global Marxism has been pounding away at our culture with this technique for a long time and it’s time to wake up and challenge everything the mainstream media is trying to manipulate us with. Get mad America and don’t take it anymore.

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John Tutten
John Tutten holds degrees in both engineering and business management. He is veteran of thirty-three years in the high technology business world where he spent time in development engineering and technology management predominantly in the area of custom semiconductor circuits. He recently retired to the mountains of north Georgia where he devotes his time to the study of Christian Apologetics and writing in defense of the Christian worldview.