WOUNDED COMBAT VET: Salutes Marine Who Has a SEARING Message for Liberal Crybabies

Written by Omar Avila on November 13, 2015

There has recently been a large number of students protesting in favor of “safe zones,” phony hate crimes, and other campus incidents. These are over-privileged students who have no clue what real life struggles are or even what it takes to actually pay for their own tuition. They have gone on national television, social media, and radio demanding that they be given everything for free; most recently with the “Million Student March.”

In the midst of this, one Marine is speaking out. This Marine, like many others that chose to serve in the military and risk their lives to protect us from Islamic terrorists, in return earn the GI bill that pays for college tuition.

He posted a picture of himself marching in his Marine uniform along with a hashtag that has gone viral. In the military community, #MillionStudentMarch means more to us because we have marched in “unsafe zones” all over the world to be able to attend school — and some of those who volunteered to earn that privilege didn’t make it back alive.

James Erickson, I salute you for standing up for what you believe is right and I hope you can change these students’ perspectives and they realize that they have it easy, while others are dying everyday to earn their college tuition.