WOUNDED COMBAT VET: Slams Mizzou Whiners and The University’s PC Police In EPIC Rant

Written by Omar Avila on November 11, 2015

This column was written by Omar Avila and Fadnet.

Mob rule and anarchy are now the way things are run at the University of Missouri. The Mizzou Police Department has ripped a Big Brother page right out of George Orwell’s 1984 and placed him in the middle of the quad on campus.

Last week, a black student at Mizzou went on hunger strike and said the he would not end it until the president of the University resigned.

Why? Because at some point in the past, this student had been walking somewhere on campus and was allegedly “racially abused” — whatever that ridiculous phrase means. Well, it turns out that being “racially abused” means being called a n—-r. Seriously.

The student was allegedly called a name, albeit a really nasty one, which has no place in our society. Although, I keep saying “allegedly” because there is no proof of this. Obviously, absence of proof is not proof of absence, but since the only “evidence” of this “racial abuse” is the testimony of the student, “allegedly” still applies here.

There are three incidents that occurred here. This “racially abusive” incident is the first, though it is unclear in what order the other ones took place.

The second was an incident in which a drunk white student was yelling the same word at a group of black students on campus. Again, that word has no place in the public lexicon and the (alleged) use of it in this instance is unacceptable. This time, I use the word “alleged” because it is unclear who reported this or who it happened to. Regardless, there is no actual evidence, yet, it does not mean that it didn’t occur.

In the third incident, a swastika was allegedly drawn in human feces on a bathroom wall in a dormitory on campus. Again, I used “allegedly” because no evidence has been provided whatsoever. Everything is hearsay, and therefore should be scrutinized. I could say that I made out with Kate Upton at my house last night, but that doesn’t make it true. Merely saying that you were called a ‘n—-r’ doesn’t necessarily make it true.

It should be pointed out that swastikas are considered to be anti-Jew rather than anti-black people.

Going to back to the student on hunger strike, he stated that he would only end the strike when the president of the university resigned because he claimed that he did not address these issues in a timely manner.

That’s it. No further explanation was given. No suggestions on what the president of the university could have done. No solutions proposed. No anything. Just good old fashioned ‘why-didn’t-you-do-something’ childishness.

To recap, some people were called names and there was an anti-Jewish poop swastika on a bathroom wall.

This issue had no legs until approximately thirty black members of Mizzou’s football program (sporting a 1-5 SEC record, 4-5 overall) decided to go on strike. Yes, you read that correctly. Despite the fact that most, if not all, of these football players were given a free education, room and board, meals, equipment and whatever else as a condition of their scholarships, these budding Einsteins decided that they would risk giving it all up in order to oust the president of the University of Missouri.

I first saw this story on Sunday morning on ESPN and they did a lovely job of throwing all pretenses of objectivity to the wind, even managing to squeeze in a reference to Michael Brown from over a year ago, merely because it involved race and was located 120 miles away. ESPN described it as, “…the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown. Brown, who was black, was unarmed when he was shot by a white police officer during a confrontation in August 2014.”

While that is technically true, it is almost lying by omission. It is certainly misleading. Brown physically attacked Officer Wilson while the officer was in his police vehicle, went for Wilson’s gun, discharged the gun inside the police vehicle, and then took off running. When Wilson got out to pursue, he yelled for Brown to stop. Brown did so, then came charging back at Wilson, at which point Wilson fired six times, killing Brown. That paints a seriously different picture than essentially saying that some white cop shot this unarmed, black teenager “during a confrontation.”

All of that aside, what the hell did any of this, or the fact that the faux “movement” of #BlackLivesMatter (started by a white guy who insists he’s black) began in the wake of the Michael Brown incident, have to do with some thin-skinned children at Mizzou complaining about being called names as if this was the third grade all over again? Nothing. It had nothing to do with Mizzou. But ESPN decided to stoke the fires of racial conflict for article clicks.

I literally could not believe what I was reading. I left a comment on the post and went to bed, sure that this outbreak of childish behavior would blow over in a few hours. Boy, was I wrong.

I woke up Sunday morning to see that this strike had gotten traction. There was another story up on ESPN about this, and now the coach was saying that they stood “united” as a team. Which was interesting, because in another interview, a white player (who was asked not to be named) said that the rest of the team, black and white (sans the thirty toddlers who were on strike), were rather angry that these children were acting as such.

So I left a comment on that story as well:

Some people were called some names and there was an anti-Jewish poop swastika on a bathroom wall.

So clearly, the right thing to do with your hurt feelings is to hamstring your football careers in protest.

You guys are smart. Just kidding.

But you are completely unsuited for life in the real world where people…. wait for it…. call you names because they’re jerks.

You weren’t assaulted. Grow thicker skin.


That comment took off pretty well, but within minutes, I was being called a racist, of course. After all, I wasn’t pandering to these thin-skinned children. But the reason for this was because of my clearly-racist profile picture on my Facebook account, and that picture happens to be the Gadsden Flag — as in, the “yellow flag with the snake.”

Another commenter said:

Your choice of profile picture tells us all we need to know about your feelings toward black people. You’re part of the problem.


I immediately fired back:

Your ignorance of what that stands for (smaller government, less taxes, more freedom) demonstrates that you, in fact, are the part of the problem that you think I am.

I want freedom for everyone, smaller government for everyone, more opportunities for everyone, less intrusive government for everyone. That is what “Don’t Tread on Me” stands for.

The fact that you do not know this and are calling me a racist because of my not-racist-in-the-slightest profile pic demonstrates that you are infected with a disease that is responsible for a large portion of the problems in America: ignorance.

Do some research, man.

Why is all of this important, you may ask? Because their childish behavior has worked as the liberal-run University of Missouri’s president has resigned. Immediately after that came the announcement from the hunger-strike student about how this was a “good first step.”

Now, just wait a second. He went on a hunger-strike to get the president of his university ousted, that happened, and now he wants more? This is what happens when you pander to the mob. The mob is insatiable. It always wants more. Which is why we have the rule of law to govern our society, rather than mob rule and “social justice.”

It gets worse. Late yesterday morning, the police department tore some pages straight out of George Orwell’s 1984 with this announcement:

Students are being encouraged to report their fellow students if their feelings get hurt, complete with photos, descriptions, and even license plates of the Speech Offender.

What in the world have we come to?

Upon inquiry, the police department stated that they do not have the legal authority to take action, but that they could turn the gathered personal information over to the school to be dealt with according to the Student Conduct Manual.

Big Brother is watching you. I feel like I’m watching Equilibrium, but instead of “sense” being the offending characteristic,  it is instead “speech.”

At the risk of sounding like a crazy guy, I fear that this is how it starts – this is how the Thought Police begin to govern.

Keep in mind that, as I’ve said a couple of times earlier in this article, there is no place for the word n—-r. That being said, “hateful and/or hurtful speech” is an extremely subjective standard. As of this morning, if I were a student at Mizzou, I could say that I hate the Boston Red Sox because I’m a Yankees fan, and next thing you know, my personal info has been sent to the University Police, who would then forward it to the faculty at the university, who would then (presumably) take action that could include my dismissal from the school.

Is saying “I hate the Red Sox” hate speech? Of course not. But if you’re a die-hard Red Sox fan and feel personally offended, who is to say it isn’t? The standard is, “if it offends you.”

This entire concept offends me. Should I report it to the Mizzou campus police?

This is yet another stepping stone in the erosion of the personal freedoms of each American. This is setting a precedent. How long before this is implemented on a local, state and Federal level?

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