$7,500 A NIGHT: Want to See How Obama’s Spending Your Money For Christmas Vacation?

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Aren’t you glad to see your taxpayer money is being spent on the Obama’s vacationing in Hawaii? Here’s exactly what that looks like.

The Obamas arrived for their annual Christmas vacation in Kailua on Saturday, settling into the laid-back beach town on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. If you’re unfamiliar, the place is basically a paradise within a paradise.

With crystal-clear water and some of the softest sand your feet will ever touch, it’s easy to see why the Obamas have chosen to rent a holiday home in this neighborhood for eight straight years.

Now that POTUS and the family have taken up residence in their tropical palace, let’s take a look inside, shall we?

This Asian-inspired, oceanfront estate became the Obamas’ holiday home when their first-choice rental (which is only a few doors down) wasn’t available in 2011 and again in 2012. But the Obamas loved this property, known as the Hale Reena Estate, so much that they’ve stayed there every year since.

It’s hard not to love, with an open floor plan, a tropical lagoon in the home’s entryway, and the ocean view.

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