Airlines Don’t Want You To Know About This New “Class System”

Airlines are now doing something that will have you feeling even worse about yourself. Instead of being in economy class, you can now expect to hear this. Check it out…

Airlines have begun calling the cheapest seats ‘Last Class’ instead of economy because they are so bad.

Passengers in Last Class are made to feel like second-class citizens from the moment they book until they leave the airport, industry analysts said.

Their seats are closer together under a process called ‘densification’ and they are given different customer service numbers to customers who pay more.

Whilst airlines have not formally designated a new class of service, experts said that they are informally using the term Last Class to refer to the cheapest seats.

While some of the seats may be the same as those taken by economy passengers, the services available, costs and flexibility is likely to be much worse.

Passengers who buy them are not allowed to make changes, cannot get a refund and cannot choose their seat in advance.

Read more: Daily Mail

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