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Attacks on Trump Confirm That As Terrorism Increases, Common Sense Decreases

Consider this gaggle of clowns from across the political spectrum agreeing Donald Trump is a raging religious bigot and racist: Hillary Clinton, Glenn Beck, Bernie Sanders and Lindsey Graham.   Each in his way condemns Trump, all by misrepresenting his remarks, then attacking the misrepresentations, stirring strife for selfish reasons: political advantage, distraction and deception, self-aggrandizement.   Just what we need: more strife.

Months ago, speaking plainly and accurately about the problems associated with illegal immigration thanks to our porous borders and corrupt government, Trump was roundly condemned a racist even though he never singled out a particular race, or claimed that this or that race is inferior or superior. Saying “Mexican” and “illegal” in the same sentence automatically makes you a racist thanks to decades of demagoguery.

Weeks ago Trump said we should consider a temporary ban on Muslim immigration to make sure our security screening processes are sufficient. He did not recommend a religious test.  He did not propose banning all Muslims all the time. However, those were the misrepresentations.  People went nuts accusing him of every tired slander we’ve heard for decades.  In the face of massive Muslim immigration endorsed and promoted by Obama, and given huge increases in Islamic terrorism, thanks to Obama and Clinton, Trump’s suggestions are called common sense by rational people, not by masses of foaming-at-the-mouth Obots afflicted with zero impulse control and less discernment.

Trump’s proposals came in the wake of the Paris massacre.  Islamic mad men slaughtered 130 people and wounded many more.  The French unleashed massive response, declaring war, attacking ISIS, conducting sweeping investigations and raids, arresting many suspects, tightening their borders, and working harder to identify threats, no longer preoccupied with political correctness or criticism about profiling.

Did we hear Clinton, Beck, Bernie or Graham call the French racists or bigots?  Perhaps these clowns came to understand that “Muslim” is not a racial category, and Islam is not so much religion as it is an entire system of theocratic  tyranny designed to micromanage every single detail of social and individual life. When certain Muslims and ex-Muslims supported Trump’s proposals, did we hear the political clowns modify their condemnations?  And when other European countries moved to tighten border security, reform immigration laws and deport and jail Islamic extremists, did we hear the political clowns in the U.S. reform their thinking and curb their tongues?

Then came the massacre in San Bernardino, the worst attack on American soil since 9/11, one in a series of attacks thanks to the weak and accommodating policies of this administration, a regime completely aligned with the words and actions of Sanders and Clinton, sympathetic to jihad and thereby encouraging it.   Turns out one of the Islamic killers slipped through our screening net, even though she posted on FB her devotion to ISIS, violent jihad and Sharia. A DHS whistleblower confirmed he could have stopped the slaughter had he been allowed to do his job. All this reinforced Trump’s point, one well-taken by huge numbers of voters.

Political clowns can scold us all they like, calling us bigots and racists merely for being interested in security and self-defense.  The truth is that Islamic violence is at fever pitch thanks to their dereliction.  Obama and Clinton have failed us on every front.  Overseas, and here at home, we are increasingly threatened, killed and wounded, as are our sons and daughters in the military.  Obama and Clinton have actually helped terrorists in the name of political correctness and globalism. And Sanders is their sock puppet.

The truth stands out more clearly than ever, thanks to the research:  substantial majorities of Muslims support Sharia Law (theocratic tyranny), and violent jihad to impose it on the world.   This is the aim of Islamic terrorism worldwide, be it Sunni or Shia.

So when Trump accurately assesses the situation and offers common sense mitigation measures, you can be sure the political clowns do not prioritize security or common sense.  But they do have a great deal of interest in demonizing the opposition and changing the conversation to distract people away from their own horrific failures, even treasonous actions.

What is worse: when so-called conservative patriots join the yowling Left in deception and demagoguery. Meanwhile, common sense Americans recognize the enemy, without condemning all Muslims, applauding Trump for doing likewise and having the guts to speak plainly about this lethal and worsening situation.

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Allan Erickson

Allan Erickson---Christian, husband, father, journalist, businessman, screenwriter, and author of The Cross & the Constitution in the Age of Incoherence, Tate Publishing, 2012.

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