‘CLONED’ BORDER PATROL Vehicle Found In TX…But The REAL Shock Was INSIDE The Car

When Border Patrol found this ‘cloned’ vehicle they were shocked, but even more when they opened up the door and saw what was inside.

Human smugglers carrying 12 illegal aliens were captured north of Laredo in a cloned U.S. Border Patrol vehicle.

The incident happened on Interstate 35 at mile marker 65 near the town of Cotulla. That would be located nearly seventy miles into Texas. A border patrol agent became suspicious of the cloned vehicle while he was following it, Border Patrol Agent Hector Garza told Breitbart Texas while acting in his capacity as president of the National Border Patrol Council, Local 2455. After stopping the suspicious vehicle the driver was arrested and the agent found 12 illegal aliens stuffed inside the Chevy Tahoe that had been painted with Border Patrol vehicle markings.

“This shows the level of deviousness and desperation these smugglers will stoop to in order to deliver their cargo,” Garza said in an interview with Breitbart Texas. “They will not stop. Whether they are smuggling drug, humans or terrorists, to them it is just about the money.”


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