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What’s Happening to DEAD Terror Bride’s Body Is FORBIDDEN By ISLAM – You’ll Love This

She died in the name of ‘allah’ and now this will happen to her dead body. That’s some great karma right there.

The body of San Bernardino terrorist Tashfeen Malik may be cremated – a practice strictly forbidden by Islamic law – because nobody wants to claim it, it has been reported.

Malik’s body and that of her husband Syed Farook is still being held at the San Bernardino County morgue more than a week after the pair were shot dead by police.

But while Farook’s remains are expected to be released to his immediate relatives in California soon, nobody has stepped forward to take care of Malik’s body, Fox News reports.

Malik, who came to the U.S. with Farook in 2014 on a fiance visa after meeting Farook in Saudi Arabia, has no relatives in America.

While her family in Saudi has been contacted, Fox News reports that nobody has stepped forward to handle her funeral, while a Washington embassy spokesman said the Saudi government will take no responsibility for her either.

Malik is not known to have worshiped at mosques close to her former home in Redlands, and was not active with other local Islamic groups, who would typically have stepped forward to offer a burial.

Read more: Daily Mail

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