Dear America: The Government is Keeping the Truth About Islam from You

Published on December 30, 2015

by Mike Martin
Clash Daily Contributor

I was trying to decide what to title the article I felt like writing today. I thought about “Missed Direction” How a magician tries to fool you.

Hide it “In Plain Sight”, how the government uses missed direction to hide their intentions from you .

How do these relate to muslims and militant islam. (P.S. I had to train my computer to accept both islam and muslims spelling with a small m and a small i.)

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Will the Justice Department (Attorney General) (concepts deserve to be capitalized even if under o’bama and our politicraps; the actual system doesn’t), really prosecute me for telling the truth ? I have always thought that telling the truth was always a valid defense, but then again I’m old fashioned and believe in the “Constitution”.

But, back to the point, how does the government hide things in plain sight to deceive you ? They frame the issue and get you bogged down in a discussion which is nonsense and non sequitur. In order to discern what is really going on, you have to look past what they are telling you and trying to get you to discuss .

The current administration has refused to say we are at war with militant islam, because then they would have to define the terms of “militant islam” or “militant muslims” and what these terms mean to them. So they have tried to lead the discussion away from we are at war with “militant islam and muslims”, by saying that not all muslims are militant, which by the way is true. about 20 % of them by my reckoning ( in this country) are not militant islamists and/or potential terrorists.

How do I arrive at these numbers which have a great impact on my opinions?
(Remembering that opinions are like butt-holes, everyone has one ). I apply logic ( lol – in my opinion). But, I’m willing to give you the basis for the decisions I’ve reached based upon my logic . If you have either superior logic, or superior wisdom ( knowledge ) please feel free to refute me, I’d be willing to bet that the editor of this website will give you a chance to submit your views, and if found interesting, or logical or even of interest, he will probably publish them .

If there is a valid islamic religion it must rest with their god allah, and or their prophet mohammad. In my opinion it is not a valid religion but a cult. Why do I think this ? In their prophets early writings, he wrote of peace and coexistence with other religions as the word of allah given to him ! In his later writings he says that the infidels (us) must be converted to islam, pay a tax to exist, or be killed. So was his god, allah in error in his early writings (if a god is wrong then he/she is not a god), or did he not receive the true word of allah in the beginning, or at the end, which would make him in error at one end or the other, thus not a true prophet ( how can he be a true prophet if he gets the word of his god allah – wrong). Ask yourself this question and see what you think the possible answers are.

There are at least two parts to islam (which I consider to be a cult). The religious aspect of the god allah and his prophet mohammad (see previous paragraph), and the lawgiver parts of the quran and the hadith – another of their “holy” books (which in my opinion is full of holes). The parts that require them to charge a fee for you to have your own beliefs, to convert you, or to kill you as an infidel, are not in my opinion “holy” but are instead political and are motivated by the wish to obtain power.  Power being the ability to impose your will upon others . The power part is a political system and not a religious system. It has no logical purpose that I can discern other than giving power to their “ political system” herein after referred to as sharia law.

Now, not in Iraq, not in Syria, not even in Iran (which funds terrorists and wants to bring about “the end times (Armageddon) ), but islamists/muslims in this country, according to a recent survey of mosques and muslims, want to impose sharia law (by approximately 80 % of those polled), want to impose sharia law in this country. Since sharia law can be separated from the islamic cult (some, but not I, would say religion), I would say that if they (muslims/islamists) want to impose sharia law, then they are supporting terrorism, and thus are in fact islamic militant muslims.

Since they are allowed/expected to lie in the furtherance of their cult, how are we to believe any of their statements of denial ? A Christian who lies under oath to God (on the Bible) might expect to spend eternity in Hell, while a muslim/islamist who lies under oath to their god allah, swearing on their holy writings ( the quran ) can be expect to be rewarded with 72 virgins for furthering the “cause” .  Draw your own opinion on whether their word can be trusted!

Given all this why haven’t YOU either told you congressmen/woman to declare war on muslims / islam ( 80 % of whom are militant ) or to disengage and let them kill each other ? A word of caution, if war is declared you/we must be willing to use their weapons against them. This would include massive collateral damage (including nuclear weapons) to instill fear (their own weapon) in them, and to make it lasting must be close to genocidal, or, we must disengage and bar them from this country.  They must rewrite their quran to do away with jihadism, or not be allowed to be part of our society .

As an aside, I was considering the last republican presidential debate. They all lied to us by exclusion. By example, If I was a candidate I would explain that I can’t do a damn thing for you if I’m elected, except keep you informed. It would take your pressure on the senatorliars and congressliars to make them pass relevant legislation.

Lord, protect us from what is coming and lead us into thy will, in Christ’s name I pray, Amen.

Image: by Voyou Desoeuvre-Flickr: “Freedom go to hell”. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Commons —

mike martinMike Martin thanks you for the opportunity to express “different points of views”, and if you were to ask his family they would probably tell you that he’s as different as they come…

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