DID YOU KNOW Syed Farook Was THIS TYPE Of Muslim Before He Slaughtered 14 Americans?


His works mates said he was a nice guy and that they were in shock.

NY Daily News – He was just a single guy seeking a woman who liked snowboarding, camping, dinner with friends — and mass murder.

Slain California mass killer Syed Farook offered some details of his hopes and dreams in a profile posted on a dating site catering to Muslims.

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The former San Bernardino County Public Health Department employee describes himself as an “Allah fearing, calm thought full and simple man.”

Farook said he was a good Muslim seeking a woman who shared the same outlook and was willing to wear a hijab. The profile mentioned “living life to the fullest … snow boarding, to go out and eat with friends, go camping, working on cars with me.” (NY Daily News)

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