GRINCH: Obama Stealing Christmas Joy, Requiring Kids To Register These…Or Face Consequences

Obama is stealing Christmas joy once again. Check out what he doing now to expand Big Government’s reach and control your life even more.

Responding to heightened concerns about rogue drone flights near airports, the Federal Aviation Administration on Monday unveiled rules requiring drone hobbyists as young as 13 years old to register unmanned aircraft.

The new online registry — which comes ahead of an expected rush of drones being bought as Christmas presents — will require current drone owners to register by Feb. 19, while anyone who acquires aircraft after Dec. 21 would need to register before their first outdoor flight. After registering, drone owners will receive an FAA identification number that they must display on aircraft weighing between 0.55 pounds and 55 pounds.

The FAA’s online registration site, which will be launched next Monday, will charge drone owners a $5 fee, which officials said is the same charge required for manned aircraft, including Boeing 747 jetliners. To encourage participation, the FAA will waive the fee for the first 30 days that the registry is open.

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Federal officials see online registration as one way to address a surge of rogue drone flights near airports and crowded public venues that has raised safety concerns among authorities across the United States.

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