Guy Eats Nothing But Raw Meat For 7 Years…Here’s What He Looks Like

Published on December 19, 2015

There really are some weird people in this world. Check this out via Vice:

VICE: Hey Derek, you’re still eating raw meat?
Derek Nance: Yep, I’ve even found a few people who can keep animals for me. I barter, trade. Sometimes I use Craigslist.

But last time we spoke you were working as a butcher?
I was, butchering for farmers. But after your article came out, this German TV show wanted to film me on the job. And the farmers were country people and afraid of the negative publicity. I called in one Monday when the German TV troupe was with me and my boss was like, “Here’s your check, you’re done.” I was only getting paid minimum wage anyway. I was just there to learn.

I’m so sorry to hear that!
No I’m glad how things turned out. It started with Facebook. I didn’t know the article had been published but I was getting all these foreign people from all over adding me, who I’d never met and didn’t know. Then I got not only phone calls but offers. There’s several documentaries now, it was just outrageous. I did a series called A Million Ways to Live, and featured the raw meat diet. The BBC, too. I also got an offer from Galileo, an internet variety show in Germany. They came over here and bought me a ram, but it got loose and we lost it.

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