HERE THEY ARE: The Top Ten Enemies of Conservatives

Written by John DeGroff on December 27, 2015

Part one of this column discussed the first five enemies of conservatism: 10. Department of Education 9. Higher Education 8. Political Correctness 7. Environmentalism  6. The ACLU.

So, let’s get right into the top five conservative enemies.  Remember, this is my personal take on the idea of the 10 worst offenders.  You’re welcome to compile your own list.

5.   The Liberal Media
As with the four other items of the top 5  portion of the list, you could gather reams of information on the liberal news media, and in fact quite a few good books about the subject have been published.  A short list of the best examples are Bernard Goldberg’s Bias, and two of Ann Coulter’s books, Demonic and Slander.  In fact, Ms. Coulter often refers to the media in general as the “…non-Fox news.” 

Liberal media bias was never more blatantly displayed than during the recent CNN sponsored Republican Presidential Candidates debate.  Thankfully, the candidates themselves weren’t having it.  It was refreshing to see Sen. Cruz and Gov. Christi tear into the moderators.

Never forget MSNBC’s Chris Matthews saying that his job was to champion and support Obama, and work to see that his presidency succeeded.  No, Mr. Matthews, your job is to be a journalist.  Apparently you’ve forgotten how to do it.

The good news is that by and large, a growing number of Americans are seeing through the liberal media distortion.  The bad news is it’s going to be entirely up to us to educate those that aren’t there yet, our low-information family members and friends.

4.   Race Baiters
Some people would probably have placed this topic higher, especially given recent circumstances.  Nonetheless, race baiters in general, and people like Sharpton and Jackson, draw heavily on a predominantly liberal base for their support.  The BLM protesters have learned their craft well.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, organized in 1971 in Montgomery, Alabama, was initially purposed to “…fight hate and bigotry and seek social justice for the most vulnerable members of our society.” Originally, the goal was to fight against the residue of the old Jim Crow laws in the south.

To say they’ve gotten off the rails from that goal is putting it mildly.  Their web site has a “hate map” and identifies 784 “hate groups”.  While they do include groups you’d expect such as Neo Nazis and the KKK, they also go after what they call Radical Traditional Catholicism and even name the OMNI Christian Book Club as a hate group.

In Oct. 2014, the SPLC went after Dr. Ben Carson because he made a few comments about gays and traditional marriage.  It was only after a negative backlash that the SPLC removed Dr. Carson from their Extremist List.

Obama himself was supposed to be our first “post racial” president.  That started to turn out badly from the beginning early in his first term.  On July 16, 2009, Harvard Prof. Henry Louis Gates was arrested by the Cambridge, Mass. Police Department, who were responding to a call about a possible home break in.  It turns out that Prof. Gates was having trouble getting into his own house.  Because Gates is black and the arresting officer was white, Obama immediately accused Cambridge Police of “…acting stupidly.”  In true community organizer fashion, Obama went on to host a “beer summit” between Prof. Gates and the police at the White House Rose Garden. 

Our Community Organizer-In-Chief couldn’t resist injecting himself and his race card into an incident that never should have gained national attention.  Pretty much set the tone for the rest of the Obama Era, hasn’t it?

3.   Illegal Immigration
Where can you even start with this topic?  It’s a problem that has plagued the country for decades.  So how is illegal immigration an enemy of conservatism?   Here’s the short list.

*   It’s counter to the rule of law on the national level.
*   It’s counter to state and local law with the 300 plus sanctuary cities that now exist.
*   It increases the size, and thus the cost, of government agencies, which is counter to conservative principles.
*   It allows countries such as Mexico to attempt to dictate U.S. immigration policy.
*   It fails to recognize illegals for what they are….criminals.
*   Illegal immigration destroys the U.S. job market for our most vulnerable legal citizens.
*   Perhaps most disturbing of all, refusal to do anything about illegal immigration not only drains the system economically, it now offers an open door to terrorists.

2.   Islam
The previous mention of terrorists makes it easier to talk about Islam.  The liberal, and often the somewhat biased bipartisan talking point is that not all Moslems are bad. I’d personally like to believe that, but I feel it’s dangerous and naïve to do so. 

Islam by it very nature is anti everything America stands for.  It’s definitely anti-conservative.  It doesn’t’ advocate smaller government because Islam is the government. It’s also the legal and banking system.  It’s anti-family and definitely not willing to peacefully coexist or include other faiths. Islam’s 1400 year history is littered with death and destruction.  Moslems were happily killing each other long before the U.S.A. was even in existence. 

Most Americans are unaware of an Islamic doctrine called taqiyya.  Under this, Islam permits and encourages lying to deceive unbelievers and bring about world domination.

Given this propensity, in fact this very edict to lie, let’s not get suckered into the current “refugee” crisis.  The Tsarnaev brothers were “refugees”.  The 9/11 terrorists all had some form of work or student visas, as did the Shoe Bomber.   Islam is evil and by its very nature wants to destroy Western civilization entirely.   Only a naïve, anti-American fool (i.e. liberal) would think otherwise. 

…and the #1 enemy of conservatives and conservative values….

1.   Democrats (or liberals, or progressives, or whatever they’re calling themselves this week…)
You really want to take a look at the arrogance of the liberal mind set?  Remember Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s famous line about the Affordable Care Act, or more commonly, Obamacare:  “…we have to pass the bill so you can find out what’s in it…”   She said this during a speech before the Legislative Conference for the National Association of Counties in March of 2010.  

Of course no one knew what was in the bill because no one had bothered to read it’s 2700 pages.  Now, the Obama administration had expanded it to include 20,000 new associated regulations.

Look at it this way.  You’re getting ready to buy your first house.  It’s the largest, most important investment you’ll probably ever make.  So, you get one of those multiple listing catalogs, thumb through it and find a house listed for $300K.  Can’t tell much from that tiny picture, but not matter.  You call the listed number for the realtor, and send them a check.   You only see the house for the first time after you’ve already paid for it.  You know nothing about what shape it’s in, the neighborhood, are the inspections up to date, is everything up to code and other seemingly unimportant things like how close to schools, work, hospitals, shopping, etc.  Only a few multi-millionaire house flippers do stuff like this.  No average American home buyer would do this, yet that’s the mindset that sold us Obamacare.  Worked out well, didn’t it?  

Liberalism has always been a Pandora’s Box of lies, deceit and coercion. With Obama in power, the lid’s off the box.  Liberals have felt empowered, emboldened and entitled to push their anti-American, socialist agenda as far as they can. 

The first 9 points on this list are all parts of the liberal agenda.  For people who babble endlessly about diversity and inclusion, when it comes to conservatives and conservative principles, they are anything but.  Next to Islam, liberalism is our greatest threat, our greatest enemy.    May God grant us the wisdom and the strength to change all this while we still can.  


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John DeGroff
John DeGroff is the original bass player for the Christian rock band Petra. He currently plays for the band GHF which is comprised of other original members from Petra. DeGroff has extensive experience as a freelance music journalist and newspaper reporter as well as an on-line music reviewer. He is a member of the Gospel Music Hall of Fame and lives in Warsaw, Indiana where he is employed as a care giver for mentally challenged adults.