How America’s Perception Of The Threat of ‘Radical Islam’ Is TOTALLY Wrong

Written by Marilyn Assenheim on December 9, 2015

From the beginning, America has needed a bogeyman with organizational allegiance to make a threat to our national security a reality. Whether the creation of the US Navy in 1794 to combat Muslim Barbary pirates, the Palestinian Authority, Al Qaida, the Taliban, Boku Haram or, now, “the JV team,” ISIS. But what’s really “in a name?” In this case, nothing. The danger resides in a fanatical ideology veiled as a religion.

Any outrage expressed over that last statement should take a backseat to reality which has, admittedly, been in short supply. Particularly for the last seven years; wishful thinking (masquerading as self-styled compassion) has taken the place of free speech and any recognition of reality. By the left’s own conventions, Islam cannot be a considered a religion. Doesn’t the left’s harping on a “separation of church and state” prohibit such action? Yet the government is constantly intervening on Islam’s behalf.

Regardless of Obama’s persistent denials, as in his self-serving address to the nation Sunday night, Islam inspires radicalization, before any particular radical group does. Radical groups follow the teachings of Islam. Why import hostile cultures to Europe and America instead of offering aid and invoking the assistance of the wealthy Gulf States to keep “refugees” closer to home? Why has no one asked why opening our doors to a population that is fundamentally in conflict with Western culture considered “compassionate” but keeping Muslims secure in parts of the world which subscribe to their beliefs is not? Whether intentional or not The Lyin’ King has opened the floodgates to an Islamist invasion. His actions over seven years make the former supposition much more likely.

Obama has steadfastly refused to recognize the existence of “radical Islam” as a threat. It isn’t an accident that once he finally used the word “terrorism” he spent three times longer warning Americans against anti-Muslim sentiment than he did condemning the terrorist act. He has sloughed off Islamic-based terror events as “climate change”, as “one-offs”, “workplace violence”, “random occurrences”, “gun violence”, “Not part of Islam”; anything, in short, which deflects attention from a threat that has become a world-wide catastrophe. US Attorney General and Obama flunky Loretta Lynch wishes to criminalize anti-Muslim speech, thus nullifying the first amendment. In favor of Islam. In London, on 12/5, Salim Patel committed a stabbing, yelling “This is for Syria.” London police declared it a terrorist attack immediately. Contrast this with the Keystone Kops antics of our own government in the San Bernardino massacre. Syed Farook’s neighbors admittedly feared being called racists more than they abhorred being responsible, in part, for 14 deaths. A PC-obsessed administration finally gave itself permission to label a clear case of terrorism, terrorism days later. Not Islamic terrorism, just terrorism. Even after the father of Farook declared that his son was radicalized by his religion, we are still being told that such acts “are not what Islam is.” The problem is that this is precisely what the Koran advocates.

A poll conducted by The Center for Security Policy in June 2015 found over half of American Muslims advocate the supremacy of Sharia Law over Constitutional law and over a third back jihad. These are “moderate” Muslims. Yet, useful idiots still muddy the waters, choosing their own fanaticism over what is really going on. Their oh-so-earnest search for answers attests to self-induced blindness at best. How many centuries does it take to finally accept the word of those perpetrating the carnage that they wish you harm? Sense has nothing to do with it. A culture that cleaves to 7th century barbarism in the name of religion does.

Whether immigrants or home-grown, Islam’s adherence to Sharia Law is in direct conflict with the Constitution. Support for Sharia Law is, by definition, treason. Islam categorically states that there is no room for any belief but Islam. Everything else is an abomination. Islam publicly vows to deliver death, making war on any nation, any population, and any segment of any society that stands in Islam’s way. There is no possibility of true assimilation because Western society and Islam are in direct conflict with one another. How many second generations, middle-class Muslims have carried out terrorism world-wide, including the pair who murdered 14 in San Bernardino? Yet we still have the Democrat and Republican political class relentlessly elevating Islam above all else while simultaneously suppressing any demonstration of the values that founded this nation.

The Islamic world can’t even agree on which version of Islam should be in the ascendancy. When Islam is done overcoming “infidels”, Sunni Muslims will continue trying to eliminate Shia, and vice-versa, as they are doing today. Islamic dogma is diametrically opposed to Western society. Civilization is not a multicultural constant. It means different things to different cultures. No matter how disturbing, this is a fact.

The point is not whether any individual chooses to affiliate him or herself with any known Islamist militant group. It doesn’t require poverty or card-carrying membership in ISIS; just the will to commit terrorism, a course of action endorsed by Islamic doctrine…or have it condoned by the silence by others. Whether “radicalized” or “moderate,” both become equally accountable.


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Marilyn Assenheim
Marilyn Assenheim was born and raised in New York City. She spent a career in healthcare management although she probably should have been a casting director. Or a cowboy. A serious devotee of history and politics, Marilyn currently lives in the NYC metropolitan area.