Type In This Web Address If You Want To See How HARD Jeb Bush Just Got Trolled By Trump

Regardless of whether or not you support Trump, if you don’t like Jeb, you will find this HILARIOUS.

The long-standing feud between Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump and GOP rival Jeb Bush escalated on Monday, with a site with the former Florida governor’s name redirecting to Trump’s campaign website homepage.

A site with the domain name JebBush.com redirects to the real estate mogul’s official presidential campaign page, donaldjtrump.com, and features Trump’s slogan with options to support or donate to his campaign.

Bush’s official presidential campaign page uses the domain name Jeb2016.com.

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The Daily Caller reported Monday that JebBush.com is registered to Fabulous.com PTY Ltd., which manages domain names, and noted that the website was updated on Nov. 21.

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