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In Obamaland, A Man and Woman Can Both Spend Thousands To Look Like THIS…And It’s ‘Normal’

Men are women and women are men. This is what America now believes. Indeed, Obama and the federal government prioritize promoting this lie. So it was only a matter of time before society moved on to new realms of deceit, with perhaps the latest realm of fantasy-masquerading-as-reality being one where people believe their true selves are cartoon characters. So let’s examine this insanity and decide: Who wears TransJessicaRabbit better?

The Daily Mail reported on Nov. 26 that a woman calling herself Pixee Fox had six of her ribs removed in her quest to look like a cartoon character.

The article goes on to explain that one of Pixee’s “inspirations” is Jessica Rabbit, literally a cartoon character from the 1980s movie, Who Framed Roger Rabbit? The same Daily Mail article noted that Pixee is taking her lead from people who attempt to mimic members of the opposite sex.

“There are so many people out there – for example transsexual people – who feel like one person inside and it doesn’t reflect their outside.”

“For me who I was on the outside was not who I was on the inside.”

And on that “transsexual” note, we move on to our second candidate. This candidate is a guy who has maimed himself into a parody of a woman. He now reportedly wants to have his ribs removed in order to look like Jessica Rabbit. This man has supposedly already spent $200,000 to look like the cartoon character but it still isn’t enough for him. (Who would’ve guessed that?) Better yet, he isn’t letting little things, like living, get in the way of achieving his impossible-to-achieve quest.

“But although the 37-year-old admitted she was having trouble breathing, she refused surgery to make her nose bigger saying, ‘That is not Jessica Rabbit’.”

Good on him! Never let reality or staying alive be an obstacle to whatever you desire!

So you decide, folks: Who wears TransJessicaRabbit better? A woman who has removed her ribs in order to imitate the cartoon character? Or a man who wants to remove his ribs (and who has already removed other body parts) in an effort to do the same?

After you decide, stay tuned for more progressiveness in the United States of America of the twenty-first century. TransJessicaRabbit-ism isn’t even close to the end of where this nation is headed.

Image: screen shot for illustation purposes, courtesy of: https://it.m.wikipedia.

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Paul Hair

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