LIBERALISM TAKEOVER: When The Red, White and Blue Becomes Only Blue

To reduce the potential of persecution and prosecution from local government, I note to the reader that this writing is “opinion”. Although many in the “Progressive” movement promote the repeal, or at minimum push for major revisions to our Constitution, as of this writing, the First Amendment continues to grant me the right to peacefully express opinion.  Also, for the benefit of condensing, I identify the “Political Extreme Left Progressive Democrats”, (aka; neo-Marxists) as “Blue”. 

Our Federal Government began the process to turn Blue long before Obama took office.  I am reminded of a snowball rolling downhill.  It gains momentum and size at an ever increasing rate.  The result is that now the Federal Blue snowball has gathered up this State, County and even this Municipality.  I reside in a sanctuary city that offers open arms to all from illegal alien to un-vetted refugees; this further darkening an already dark shade of Blue.  In a community that has a growing number of poor and unemployed citizens and legal immigrants, the pyramid of Blue governments have decided that we can afford this open arm policy to even more that have no credentials.

Government leadership dictates that we can afford it by raising taxes on the declining number of “haves” for distribution to these new “have nots” from beyond our borders.  And to supplement this and other social costs, the government prints unsupported paper dollars that are on the brink of collapsing internationally.  The dollar that once was the bulwark of currency is being replaced by other currencies.

The once proud phrase; “Land of the Free, Home of the Brave” has been reduced to Land of the Persecuted, Home of the Sheeple.  (“Sheeple” is a term from the Russian Journal, Pravda; defining the modern American citizen).  Over the recent years, uncounted thousands of Statutes, Laws, Ordinances, Referendums, and even Whims of the moment have been enacted to control every facet in the life of the American citizen.  The passing of laws that outlaw certain words and/or phrases as not being “politically correct” are in fact the seeds intended to manipulate the thought processes; this to gain support to repeal or revise the First Amendment.  I contend that Common Core schooling provide for subjective changing of history and political indoctrination of children.(Shades of 50s Germany, N. Korea, the Mid-East and others). 

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There was a time when our Law enforcement heroes lived by the term; “To Protect and Serve”.  Across the country, because they are at the mercy of the politicians, they can only “protect and serve” at the whim of the first level politician.  The top cop in the Justice Department, at the whim of the White House, has begun the process to morph even local law enforcement into WH puppets.  As I write, stimulated from very high levels, the police are being prosecuted not only for what they may have done but now face capital punishment charges for what they may not have done.

Here I refer to Ferguson, Baltimore and more where politicians restrained the police from exercising their motto.  And later, although arrested and booked, the same politicians over-rode the police and legal system by pardoning or at minimum reducing criminal charges, this for political reasons. And through all this, law enforcement is required to stand by and observe thugs rioting and burning and ordered to keep their mouths shut from comment.

The White House has made it an art form to ignore select parts of the Constitution and also any law it doesn’t agree with.  All the while, the WH ignores that we have a Legislative Branch by enacting laws written by the Executive Branch and its Tsars and advisors. (The WH has effectively neutered a Congress that was intended to make laws).

Recently, the WH is pleading for the governors across the nation to violate their oaths of office by issuing State Executive Order to confiscate guns in violation of the Second Amendment.  Is it beyond imagination that Blue governors would order the National Guard to carry out this constitutionally illegal order?  Add this State power to the power of this White House that has begun arming most of the Cabinet sub-branches.  Note that while arming these civilian offices, this administration has been cutting the true military to pre-WWII levels.  Selectively and subjectively applying law either harshly or ignoring law at the whim of the Administration has become the Blue norm.. 

But friends, it doesn’t stop there.  I live in a Blue State, in a Blue County, in a Blue City.  Clean rivers, green forests, space to grow, an Ocean not far away, majestic mountains close, all that once was a dream location.  We have two Blue Senators supported by 80% Blue Congressional Representatives and a mostly Blue State Legislature.  The Blue King in the White House is supported by our Blue Queen, (Governor) that is supported by a Blue County, (mostly Blue Court Jesters) and a Blue Princess, (municipal manager). The result is that the politics of the District of Corruptions appear to have invaded even this once envied small town America.

I charge that my household has become victim of a city that selectively enforced an Ordinance based on an unqualified subjective opinion; this based on a call in.  The Ordinance is only enforced when someone calls in a complaint, (shades of neighbor turning in neighbor in Nazi Germany) and there is no discussion of complaint merit.  I charge that this city practices a form of law best described as “Guilty by Accusation”.  The only appeal available is to spend thousands on legal fees to argue in a likely dark Blue court.  It is less expensive for the citizen to bow to even a heavily swayed charge that is intended to display power over common sense and decency. “Innocent until proven guilty” that once was a bulwark of this nation does not apply from any level of a power hungry Blue government.

Should I not have further fear of becoming victim to a growing trend across this nation?  That trend is where during the night, a home can be raided by a SWAT team, holding a Warrant issued by a Blue judge, based on an unsupported telephone call of “suspicious” activity. There are examples of home and contents being totally destroyed and the home owners even being killed by the Swat team, too often under the excuse of an incorrect target address.  

The problem that government now faces is that like me, a growing number of citizens are pushing back against Blue government. The Blue response is to promote disarmament of citizens through propaganda.  Under this Blue administration, private gun sales continue to soar beyond all previous records.  Although the Administration denies it, the FBI reports statistics that violent gun crime has not only turned down, it has dropped to recent lows.  Obviously, the entire chain of Blue politicians do not like or support this FBI report that does not agree with their agenda.

Now imagine if a municipal employee drives by daily, slowing at your home.  Would you suspicion that they are searching to find yet another violation that they can apply to only you?  I conclude that all freedom lovers must push back when they become aware of any government straying from the Constitution.  Every day “We the People” are drenched in news of the power hungry violating not only common decency but also law.  Either push back or accept that the attacks present prominent attacks on the First, Second and Fourth Amendments are only the beginning of the path to a full Dictatorship and Tyranny.  Pay particular attention that when addressing politicians, your verbal push-back dies with the echo.  A written and distributed push-back will live until the politician can attempt to hide, (but not totally destroy) the electronic record.

To those that would say; “If you don’t like it; leave”, I suggest that they read the Constitution.  I am in my ninth decade and have no intent of leaving any part of the country that I protected in time of war.  I swore to “protect the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic”.  That oath did not have an expiration date.  Anyone that does not hold the Constitution dear is an enemy to my conviction to protect it.

This writing will be copied to municipal leadership in my response to what I define as a Gestapo mentality.  I had another response but only give it mention.  I considered bringing out a family heirloom specifically designed for this season.  We call it a Yule belt.  It has mistletoe strategically attached at the center back.  There was a time when this was a form of “Freedom of Speech”.  Whether man or woman, to wear that belt today would likely result in being charged with sexual harassment.  But as the saying goes, it’s the thought that counts.

Though not considered P.C. by the Blues,

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah from me to my Constitution loving peers.

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