Liberals Are MAD As Hell About This McDonald’s Window – But They Can’t Do Anything About It

When this woman drove by this McDonald’s she noticed something that forced her to take out her camera and snap a picture. Now, that picture has gone viral…and it is ticking off all the anti-Christmas lefties.

But regardless of your stance there, no one can deny that the willingness of today’s society to overtly display the Jesus-side of Christmas is steadily on the decline. From the “Merry Christmas” to “Happy Holidays” switcharoo to replacing nativity scenes with Santa and reindeer, we’ve all seen it.


But a McDonald’s in Spring Hill, TN just did something that has shattered that politically correct mold by painting this nativity scene on their storefront window. And this isn’t just any nativity scene…

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Notice on the sides that the words “His Name Is Jesus” and “Rejoice” are boldly written.

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